Notice on leave of absence and reinstatement for Fall Semester 2021

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Dear Students,


Please refer to the following information and apply for 2021 Fall semester leave of absence and reinstatement



1. Leave of Absence

 a. Period

  - General Leave of Absence : By Nov 23 (Tue.), 2021

  - Special Leave of Absence : When a reason occurs


b. Apply at

   → Click 「Management of Registration Status」→ Click 「Application for Leave of absence」

   ※ In case a student applies for special leave of absence during the course period, a documentary evidence

(e.g. medical certificate) should be filed.


 c. Tuition Fee Payment : Student who gets permission for general leave of absence before the class is exempt from tuition of the semester.

   ※ Student who gets permission for special leave of absence after the semester can receive a refund of the tuition according to the regulation about the tuition.


 d. The Possible Longest Term of the Absence

  (a) Master's Program: 2 semesters

  (b) Doctoral Program: 4 semesters

  (c) Integrative Program: 6 semesters

   ※ Special leave of absence is not considered in the total period of leave of absence.


 e. Note : A student who has attended UST for less than a semester cannot apply for a general leave of absence. But, special leave of absence can be allowed.




2. Return to school

  a. Apply at  → Click 「Management of Registration Status」

   → Click 「Reinstatement Request」

   - Applicartion must be made by Jul 30(Fri.)

 b. Note : Students who do not return to the school after the period of leave of absence expires are expelled according to the school discipline.



* Contact : Kyoungtae Park/ 042-865-2431 /