Notice for Special Leave of Absence for Fall Semester 2021 due to COVID-19

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In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the campuses and protect the students' health and right to study, 


UST has decided to operate the special leave of absence for COVID-19 for Fall Semester 2021 as follows.



1. Eligibility for COVID-19 Leave of Absence

- COVID-19 suspected (quarantined)patient or confirmed case*

   *If diagnosed to be treated for 30 days or more, you can apply for leave of absence for disease instead.

- Students who are unsure of the arrival date to Korea and thus unsure of the residence as of 1st of Sep., due to the delay of visa issuance or a lack of international flights

- Students who entered Korea after 1st of Sep., but surpassing 1/4 of attendance period due to the late arrival and quarantine.

   *Students in a completion(course completion) status are not affected by attendance rate but they can still apply for it.

   *If students are in their coursework, the quarantine dates can be excused

- Students who are banned to travel to Korea due to COVID-19 by their own organization

- Students(of Fall 2021 admission, or of reinstatement for Fall 2021) who are in worry of getting infected by COVID-19 thus decided not to enter Korea for this semester.


2. Operation of COVID-19 Leave of absence 

O Application period

- Students not in Korea: 1st. of Sep, 2021 ~ 28th of Sep., 2021

- COVID-19 Suspected(Quarantined) patient or confirmed case, residing in Korea:  1st of Sep. ~ 23rd of Nov., 2021

O Application Process


Approval from Advisor and Chief Major Professor

Approval from UST Headquarter

UST portal(

→Leave of absence→Special leave of absence

(Documentary proof needed)

UST Portal→Leave of absence→Approval

Official Letter to Campuses/

E-mail to Students


O Leave of absence type: Special Temporary Absence, Unit:1 semester for each application. Up to 2 Semesters

O Tuition fee refund: full-refund if applied by 30th of Sep., partial or no-refund if applied on 1st of Oct. or later(stipulated to the regulation)