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[Required Reading] Notice for Applicants of UST→Other University credit exchange

  • Academic Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2018-08-22
3.Application for Course Change(Drop) in Other University_Name(Student ID).doc

1. If you apply for credit exchange at other university, please check their portal system.


2. You must enroll the courses which you will take at the other university to the UST Portal system during course registration period.

   a. Course registration Period : AUG. 16th. 09:00 ~ AUG. 28th 18:00

   b. How to register: UST Portal information System(http://portal.ust.ac.kr)Academics affairsManagement of courseCredit ExchangeViewadditionDescribe course applicationSave

Students must input the details of the courses you take other university to the UST portal system in person.


3. Approval of Advisory professor (Advisory Professor Only)

   a. Period: AUG. 16th(Mon.) 09:00 ~ AUG. 28th(Wed.) 18:00

   b. Procedure: UST Portal information System (http://portal.ust.ac.kr)Academic affairsManagement of courseAdvisor’s approval for Credit ExchangeViewAcceptanceSave

After register to the system, request registration approval to advisory professor personally

If there are more than 1 course, check and save each course


4. If you change or cancel your course registration for credit exchange, you must not only submit an application [attached file] to UST by e-mail(ctl@ust.ac.kr) but after you cancel or change at the other university.


If you skip one of these, you can't earn any credit at all.