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[Modified Notice][UST] Korean Language Course Registration Guide of 2019 Spring Semester(Daejeon Area)

  • Student Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2019-04-18
Korean Language Course Registration Guide of 2019 Spring Semester(2019.4.19.)(Daejeon).pdf

Korean Language Course for UST International students(Daejeon area) in 2019 Spring semester will be provided.

Please refer to the attached file for the details.


This is for what to support UST international students adapt well in Korea and to help students who want to get higher TOPIK level.


So we recommend international students to take the courses.


And additional lectures available to students outside of Daejeon will be announced as a result of recent survey of demand.(Ilsan, Changwon is expected)




- Available to application: UST international students(enrolled & enrolled post-coursework)

- Class Period: Every month open(May 1 ~ August 31)

- Process: (Daejeon) Tuition support(Only if result is ‘Pass’)



(Create UST ID)


Tuition Refund

UST Student

KAIST Language Center

KAIST Language Center UST Student Affairs Team

UST Student Affairs Team

UST Student


- Class Application Period: Every month 20 ~ 25

Level: Totally 11 Courses

 : Korean Conversation Beginner ~ Intermediate

 : TOPIK Level 2

- Days&Time

 : Mon. & Wed. 19:00 ~ 22:00

 : Tue. & Thu. 19:00 ~ 22:00

Place: Lecture room of KAIST Language Center

Tuition(excluding study materials): 162,000 won/month

   After the end of each month's class, UST will refund tuition to students who achieve ‘Pass’

   Even If students receive a 'FAIL' rating, UST will refund tuition to students(one time only / per student)

   After completing the monthly course, 10% discount coupon will be issued from KAIST Language Center



[Inquiry] Byungsoo Kim, Student Affairs Team(Tel. 042-865-2335 / E-mail. prkim@ust.ac.kr)