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Notice on 2019 Fall Semester UST Research Guidance(Adivsor Mentoring)

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  • Registration Date : 2019-09-18
UST Research Guidance(Advisor Mentoring) Web site Guide(2019.9.).pdf


A. Program Name: UST Research Guidance(Advisor Mentoring)
 - Advisor guide comprehensively and observes students' abilities and gives them opportunities to develop their competency
 - To check major points of the degree course, including establishment of academic/research plans, thesis guidance, career management, and life counseling

B. For whom
 - Foreign Students: 2017-2019 Admissions

C. Research Guidance Meeting: Conducts self-administered meetings with advisor and students at least once a semester
 - Freshmen and students: Personal Development Guidance is carried out (focusing on research plans/study plans during the academic year)
 - Completed students: Personal Career Guidance (Planning after graduation, focusing on career (employment, etc.)


D. Reference(UST Career Development Center website(www.ust.ac.kr/career.do)
 - Personal Development Plan: Students fill out and register during Newcomers' Odyssey
 - Personal Career Plan: Students fill out and register after switching to course completion
 ※ Students write this file for sharing with their mentors. It is used as a reference when consulting with them.


E. Registerinf the result of Research Guidance
 - Register for the Career Development Center website by 2019.12.31.
 - Research Guidance results can be entered multiple times depending on the number of times conducted and shared with students
 - Advisor must register their research map results at least once a semester (at least once)