Announcement about closed course for 2020 Fall Semester

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2020학년도 2학기 UST 폐강 대상 교과목(2020-Fall semester UST Closed course list)_공고용.xlsx

From UST Academic Affair Team.


As 2020-1 courses registration and change period is over, we inform you about closing courses schedule.


□ Closing course

- Major Course(only for Campus) : course with below 3 students(minimum number of the students for course opening)


  ※ referring attached files

- Common(general) Course : No closed courses

- The courses that nobody registered


□ Schedule

September 8th(Tue.): announcement about closing course for professor

September 9th(Wed.) ~ 11th(Fri.): application period of exceptional course(only professors can apply)

September 14th(Mon.): Confirmation of opening courses and final closed courses

  ※ We will guide to closing courses’s professors and students by email.

September 15th(Tue.) ~ September 18th(Fri.): Courses change period for the students who registered closed courses.


□ progress guidance

Closing courses and procedure of applying the exceptional course is already guided to the professors,

After the application period of exceptional coursewe will guide individually September 14th(Mon.): 

The students who registered closing courses need to check in advance whether the course is open or not with the professor.

※ We consider whether the exceptional course is open or not in all its aspects(current situation of opening course, the number of students, whether it is essential major or not, average number of students, etc.)

※ We cannot admit all of the exceptional courses.


□ The way of course registration for the students who registered closing courses.

The same way as before in UST Integrated Information System.

  [Management of course]-[Course registration & drop/add]

  ※ only for the students who registered can be granted right to access.

Unable to delete what is not closing course.

When the closing courses are confirmed, the closing courses are automatically disappeared.

Only able to change closing course to same class classification.

  ※ In case, major course is closed, only able to register major course.

  ※ In case, common(general) course is closed, only able to register common(general) course.

Unable to register more credits than you registered previously.



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