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21. [Program] I want to fulfill all my credit requirements early. Do I still need to make tuition payments after fulfilling all my credit requirements? 2016-07-21
Students who completed coursework and want to continue education/research at UST campuses must enroll the Post-Coursework Enrollment every semester .  Guidance will be provided if the Post-Courework Tuition Fee is set to be charged.
20. [Program] If I am admitted under the combined program, do I automatically receive a doctoral degree? 2016-07-21
Students who have been admitted under the integrative course must take and pass the Ph.D. Qualification Examination enrolled in their 3rd or 4th semester. After that, they must fulfill the conferral of the doctoral degree.
19. [Graduation] Although I submitted an English test score during admissions, the test score has expired. Do I have to submit another test score for graduation? 2016-07-21
If you already submitted and was admitted into UST with English test scores that exceeded the necessary standards, you do not need to take another English test or submit further scores.
18. [Graduation] I am trying to publish my thesis in a journal, but it is currently under revision. In this case, does this still fulfill the published thesis graduation requirement? 2016-07-21
Only theses that have been accepted, published, or is verified as to-be published in the journal that received the submission can be considered as fulfilling the published thesis graduation requirement.
17. [Graduation] In accordance with the recommendations from the thesis evaluation committee, I changed the title of my thesis for the thesis evaluation. Will I run into any problems? 2016-07-21
Even if the title of the thesis changes, as long as the thesis in accordance with the recommendations from the thesis evaluation committee, there will be no problems.
16. [Graduation] I ran a plagiarism test on my thesis through a plagiarism verification program. Are their standards for similarities? 2016-07-21
Although there are no separate standards for similarities, students are required to clearly quote or edit areas that have been verified as similar to previous theses in accordance with the academic thesis regulations and research ethics.
15. [Graduation] I am currently enrolled in the master's program. I chose the oral thesis evaluation over the comprehensive exam. However, I was unable to complete my thesis and would like to attend one more semester. In this case, what happens with the comprehensive exam? 2016-07-21
In case the student chooses the oral thesis evaluation over the comprehensive exam, and passes the thesis screening and evaluation, the student is automatically considered as passing the comprehensive exam. However, if the student does not pass the thesis evaluation or does not complete the thesis evaluation, they will not be considered as passing the comprehensive exam. The student must take the exam and submit the relevant documents again the following semester.
14. [Graduation] I am currently enrolled in the master's program, and chose the oral thesis evaluation rather than the comprehensive exam. In this case, do I need to submit a document that verifies that I took the comprehensive exam? 2016-07-21
Even if the student chose the oral thesis evaluation instead of taking the comprehensive exam, the student must submit a document that verifies that they took the comprehensive exam within the designated period.
13. [Graduation] After transferring from the combined program to the master's program, I want to graduate under the master's program. Is this possible? 2016-07-21
After submitting your application to give up the combined program and this application is approved, and the student fulfills all of the master's program graduation requirements, the student is able to graduate under the master's program.
12. [Graduation] On the integrated information system, my thesis publication requirements under degree requirements is indicated as '△.' What does this mean?On the integrated information system, my thesis publication requirements under degree requirements is indicated as '△.' What does this mean? 2016-07-18
This will change to 'O' only after the school verifies the registered research performance.