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[Credit Exchange] Process Guide for students from collaborative universities in applying for UST (credit exchange)

  • Academic Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2018-02-09

[Credit Exchange] Process Guide for students from collaborative universities in applying for UST (credit exchange)


1. Students who wish to take courses in UST from other universities, please apply for a temporary student ID at the bottom of the homepage.

‘Quick Link -> Apply temporary student ID’

   a. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address after application. Click the linked address in the e-mail (the application is completed).

   b. The temporary student ID is created after the UST approves it. (Check after 18:00)

   c. When the UST creates the temporary student ID, go back to the web site. (‘Quick Link -> Apply temporary student ID’)

After entering the student number of the affiliated university and the affiliated university, click the ‘Check the Application and verify for student ID’ button, and there will be a way how to create the temporary student ID and the password in the ‘Application results’ box.


1-1. Even if you already have a temporary student ID issued in the previous semester, you must apply for a temporary student ID at the bottom of the homepage again.

(‘Quick Link -> Apply temporary student ID’)

   a. After entering the information, click the 'Check the Application and verify for student ID' button to see the created temporary student ID in the 'Application result’ box.

   The phone number and e-mail address will not be changed even if you make a change on the application page. You can change your personal information only by logging into the system with temporary student ID.

   b. For those who have an existing temporary student ID, the password is the same as before

[Note] Between Feb. 6 and Feb. 8, there was an error of the UST portal system, so that the information could not be reflected even if a person with an existing student ID number entered it. Please fill in the information once again from February 9 and apply for the temporary student ID.


2. After applying for a temporary student ID or after completing the course registration (the way differs for each university), UST will send a list of applicants (or a list of course registration) to the affiliated universities for the verification and recommendation.

Students who do not receive recommendation according to their university policies after they have been verified at the affiliated university will not be granted credits even the students will complete the course in the UST.


3. Period of UST Course Registration : Feb. 19 (Mon) 09:00am ~ Feb. 28(Wed) 18:00pm

   a. Site of Course registration : https://edu.ust.ac.kr

   b. Subjects

Some subjects may not be seen because the period of course open is from Feb. 1 (Thu) to Feb. 14 (Wed).

   1) Without the temporary student ID : the courses which have been opened are on the menu on the right side of the UST website.

   2) With the temporary student ID : ‘Site of Course registration class management available course management’

you can check the courses which have been opened.

   c. The details of the course registration in UST must be registered at the affiliated universities. (Contact the affiliated universities for the details)


4. Course change & Cancelation: Mar. 2 (Fri) ~ Mar. 15 (Thu)

   - Cancellation should be done by the student himself or herself. (students must change course registration and cancel at the affiliated university)


5. After completing the course registration, the UST notifies the final list to the affiliated universities.


e-mail: ctl@ust.ac.kr