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UST 2018 Commencement Notice(Detail Information)

  • Student Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2018-02-14


This is UST Students Affairs Team.


Congratulations on your graduation!

We would like to inform you about the 2018 Graduation Ceremony.


Date & Time : 22(Thur), February 2018, 14:00~16:00

Place : UST Main Office, Auditorium(Gajeong-ro 217, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea)







Graduates Arrival


UST Main Office


Wearing Graduation gown & hat


2nd floor of the Auditorium

Tickets to enter Auditorium will be distributed

(Each graduate can 1 person to the Auditorium)

Official photograph


2nd floor of the Auditorium

On the 2nd floor of the Auditorium building

Enter Auditorium and be seated



Seats designated

/Be Punctual please.





Group Photo




Return Graduation gown & hat


Science Hall



 # Graduates may have different arrival time based on campus.

   - (Arrival by 12:30) KIST, KRIBB, ETRI, KRICT

   - (Arrival by 13:00) All the other campuses

 # Graduation gown & hat rental for free

 # Simple refreshments will be provided(Science Hall & lobby of the auditorium)

 # Find your name on the back of each seat at the Auditorium.

 # If your attendance status is changed, notify UST prior to February 20(Tue.) Any notice after February 20 will not be reflected.



Arrival & Graduates’ Preparation

Graduates must come to the venue by 12:30 ~ 13:00 and get ready starting by wearing graduation gown and hat. After wearing graduation gown and hat, graduates take official photograph. After that, graduates can have some personal time with their family and friends. Please be seated on your designated seats at least 15 minutes prior to the ceremony starts.

Where to wear graduation gown : 2nd floor of the Auditorium(There will be additional signs and info on the day)

Where to take the photo : 2nd floor of the Auditorium(Right in front of the office where gowns and hats are ready)

Photo zone : Lobby area


Official photographs will be uploaded on the UST website and sent to your email address.(Students logged in with UST ID can access to the photographs online)



2. Companion of family and friends

As we are expecting the largest number of graduates this year and due to the limited seats in the Auditorium, only 1 person can enter the auditorium. Entering ticket will be distributed to graduates when wearing gown and anyone without those tickets will not be allowed to enter the auditorium. There will be seating area for family and friends where live-streaming of the ceremony will be played. Sincere apologies for the limit and we expect your cooperation as it is to prevent any accidents.

- Seating areas : Science Hall, 1st & 2nd floor of the Auditorium building,



3. Commencement & Awards

- 2018 Graduates : You will get your original diploma on the day.

2017 August Graduates : You received your original diploma in 2017 August, and will be awarded a copy of it on the stage.(Please do NOT bring your original diploma.)


Those who can not attend the ceremony will receive diploma via mail. If you wish to receive your diploma via mail, give your address and contact information to Mr. Ryan HONG(ryan@ust.ac.kr / 042-865-2332) by no later than February 23(Fri.) UST will not take responsibility of any unexpected situation occurred due to false information.


4. Graduation Certificates Issuance

Starting on 22(Thur.) February, 2018 9 am, issuance will be available on the UST certificate website(https://cert.ust.ac.kr/)



5. Information for Faculty members


Any faculty members wishing to attend the ceremony must arrive at the venue by no later than 1:30 pm and wear graduation gown(only on request) prepared by UST. There will be faculty seating area in the Auditorium. If you wish to wear graduation gown, please inform by February 20(Tue.)


- Ms. Jaein Park(pjaein@ust.ac.kr / 042-865-2331)

- Mr. Byung-soo KIM(prkim@ust.ac.kr / 042-865-2335)



Please use public transportation as parking space is limited.


Thank you.