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Information Session for International Admission Spring 2019

  • International Cooporation Team
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  • Registration Date : 2018-07-11
UST International Admission Spring 2019 Information Session.png




UST International Cooperation Team is pleased to inform that we will be holding information session for the UST International Admission 2019 Spring Semester as below.


- Now the registration period is over.

- On-site registration is going to be available.



- Event Name: UST International Admission Spring 2019 Information Session

- Date: Aug. 31st (Fri.), 2018  3pm to 5pm

- Venue: Science Hall, UST

 · Directions (click)

- Event Outline: Information on UST admission including scholarships, Meeting with UST faculty & students, Promotional materials, etc.
- Eligibility: International students those who are residing in Korea and interested in entering UST through International Admission 2019 Spring Semester

- How to Register: By submitting survey at the registration link (click)
 · Attendance will be limited to 100 students in order of application.
- Notes
 · Participating without registration can be restricted.
 · Please check for typos when you register for participation.
 · If your survey responses have been successfully submitted, you are invited. The invitation letter for confirmation will be sent in the middle of Aug. via email.
 · Please notify us of your absence after registration due to some unavoidable reasons by sending an email to pje@ust.ac.kr.
 · Details are subject to change.




Thank you.


- Inquiry
 · International Cooperation Team
 · E-mail: pje@ust.ac.kr / Tel: +82-42-865-2413