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[Call for Applications] Invitation to UST-SOKENDAI STS Joint Workshop 2019

  • Public Relations and International Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2019-05-14
[Call for Applications] Invitation to UST-SOKENDAI STS Joint Workshop 2019.pdf [Form] Application for UST-SOKENDAI STS Workshop 2019.docx


Dear USTians,

UST, Korea and SOKENDAI, Japan (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) initiated an exchange and cooperation agreement in 2005 and have continued exchange and cooperation for mutual development as partner universities.
In this regard, UST Public Relations and International Affairs Team is pleased to invite our students to submit an application for the 2nd UST-SOKENDAI STS (Science, Technology, and Society) Joint Workshop to be held in August as below.


1. Purpose
- Providing experience to improve humanistic understanding of science and technology
- Enhancing communication ability with domestic and international experts from various fields

2. Overview
- Event Name: SOKENDAI-UST STS (Science, Technology, and Society) Workshop 2019
- Date: August 21st (Wed.), 2019
- Venue: IBS (Institute for Basic Science), Daejeon, Korea
- Attendee: About 15 STS experts including professors and researchers from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

3. Number of Invitees: Up to two students
 * We may not select anyone if there is no suitable applicant.

4. Eligibility Requirements: A UST (enrolled) student who meets all of the following criteria
- One who is interested in STS and willing to give a presentation on related topics
 * His or her field of interest such as the history, sociology, or communication of science and technology, etc.
 * Any (enrolled) UST student is eligible to submit an application regardless of his or her major.
- One who is able to present and discuss in English

5. Benefits
- Official document sent to each campus as a proof of selection
- Registration fee for the ICHSEA 2019
 * August 19th (Mon.) to 23rd (Fri.), 2019 at Chonbuk National University (ichsea2019.org)
- Meeting with STS experts from Korea and abroad
- Transport and accommodation provided during the academic event
- (Optional) Paid project assistant appointed to help organize the academic event
 * Details are to be determined after selection.

6. Application
- How to Apply: Fill out an application form (attached separately) and submit it to pje@ust.ac.kr by 1 p.m. on May 24th (Fri.).
- How to Select: Documents screening by three professors from UST headquarters and two other universities

- Screening Criteria: Application, research results, and transcript
- Announcement of Results: To be announced individually in early June

7. Inquiry
- Coordinator : Ji Eun PARK, Public Relations and International Affairs Team
- Phone Number : 042-865-2373
- E-mail Address : pje@ust.ac.kr



Please make sure to check the attachment before application.
Thank you.