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Information of 2019 fall new student ID card issuing service

  • Student Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2019-07-25

UST Student Affair Team would like to inform you regarding issuing the student ID card.

We've already sent an email to the Newcomers' Odyssey Attendant.



You can choose between a student ID card with a financial function and a student ID card without a financial function.


- ID card with financial function

(1) Access to UST Main Office building in Daejeon

(2) financial transactions(such as debit payment, etc.). etc

- ID card without a financial function : Access to UST Main Office building in Daejeon. etc


However, in accordance with bank regulations, students in some countries can only issue student ID card without financial function, if there isn't a foreign registration card and passport.

(Some countries : Iran, North Korea, Ethiopia, Syria, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Bahamas, Botswana, Ghana, Cambodia)


The procedure is as follows : (7.30.(Tuesday), room 202)

(1) Bank staff is going to explain how to fill out the application

(2) you will fill up form with Woori Bank staffs (The documents will be prepared by a Woori Bank staff.)

(3) Woori Bank staff will collect documents that day.

(4) you may get the student id card before NEWCOMERS ODYSSEY’s last day.





If you have any questions regarding id card, please ask us by email(idcard@ust.ac.kr)


If you do not apply for a student ID card at this time, please contact "idcard@ust.ac.kr" individually after September.