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Notification of the 3rd overseas training program 2019 and the 4th International Exchange Program 2019

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2019년 제3차 해외연수지원사업 시행 안내.hwp The 3rd Overseas Training Program 2019.docx 2019년 제4차 국제연구교류지원사업 시행 안내.hwp The 4th International Exchange Program 2019.docx

the 3rd overseas training program 2019 and the 4th International Exchange Program 2019 will be processed as below.



1. Program

a. the 3rd overseas training program 2019 (Training in Oct. 2019 ~ Feb. 2020) : provisoin period maximum 90days

b. the 4th International Exchange Program 2019(Conference held in Oct. ~ Dec. 2019) : provision period maximum 15days



2. Eligibility

    : Ph.D. Students who have completed at least two semesters or Integrated program students who have passed the Ph.D. entrance exam

(currently registered students(who are enrolled for coursework or post-coursework) / Not available student on a leave of absence)



3. Application Period : 09:00 Aug.12.(Mon.) ~ 18:00 Aug.23.(Fri.)



4. Announcement of Results : 18:00 on Sep.18(Wedi) / via website and individual e-mail

* Announcement of Results can be postponed due to internal circumstances.



5. Guidelines and Restrictions : refer to attached files


6. Application via portal system : http://edu.ust.ac.kr


Contact : UST Student Affairs Team(overseas@ust.ac.kr)

The 1st overseas training program 2020 will be announced in November and the 1st international exchange program 2020 will be announced in November.

  (This may vary depending on internal circumstances.)

From 2020, the name of the international exchange program will be changed to a project to international conference presenter support program(temporary name).