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[KIRD] 'Understanding of Korea’s R&D' Course for Foreign Researchers

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  • Registration Date : 2019-08-27
[KIRD] Course guide(Eng)_2019 Understanding RnD in Korea.pdf [KIRD] 교육신청서(Course application form)_2019 Understanding RnD in korea.docx



Dear USTians,


Korea Institute of Human Resources Development in Science and Technology (KIRD), a government-funded research institute which provides various training courses and performs the investigation/policy research necessary for the self-development and innovation of the human resources in the field of science and technology (S&T), invites you to the training course for foreign researchers as below.


1. Course title:  Understanding R&D in Korea (English Course)

2. Purpose: To enhance foreign researchers’ understanding of Korean R&D environment, which will be conducive to efficient acclimatization and helpful for joint research activities with Korean researchers

3. Attendees: Foreign researchers working for government-funded or public research institutes (including S&T-specialized universities such as KAIST)

4. Date: October 18 , 2019  (Fri.), 09:30am ~17:30pm (1 day, 7h)

5. Venue:  (Seoul) Toz tower Gangnam station Seminar room H

6. Cost: Free of charge (lunch included)

7. How to apply: Fill in the attached application form and e-mail it to Kimkh@kird.re.kr within the application period (~September 27).

8. Inquiry: 043-251-7055, Kimkh@kird.re.kr


For more details, please refer to the attached course guide file.

Thank you.