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USTian Vlog Contest 2019 Announcement

  • Public Relations and International Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2019-11-05
[Form] Application for USTian Vlog Contest 2019.docx [Poster] USTian Vlog Contest 2019.png





UST Public Relations and International Affairs Team invites our students and graduates to the 2019 USTian Vlog Contest as outlined hereunder to create a PR video starring our USTians and promote UST to the world.





○ Event name: USTian Vlog Contest 2019

○ Event description: a contest for creating a video (vlog) showing the daily life of USTians

○ Participants: students and graduates of UST

○ Prizes: total prize money of KRW 4,500,000 for up to 18 videos
 - First prize: KRW 1,500,000 (for up to 1 video)
 - Second prize: KRW 500,000 (for up to 2 videos)
 - Third prize: KRW 200,000 (for up to 5 videos)
 - Participation prize: KRW 100,000 (for up to 10 videos)
○ Specific details
 - Content: a video that is longer than 1 minute and shorter than 15 minutes (in mp4 or wma format)
 - Theme: funny or touching vlog that features UST students/graduates showing their daily lives as UST graduate school students or alumni
  · We are waiting for the stories about the small things in your daily life such as episodes at lab., club activities, something that you are proud of, what you are doing after graduation, and video diary, etc.
 - Language: English or participants’ native language (English subtitles must be included if the content is not in English.)
 - Other requirements
  · The content must never have been open to the public online or offline and can never have been submitted for any other contest.
  · Use of various video-related techniques including composing, editing, and subtitling is encouraged.
  · Each person can submit up to two entries.

○ Application
 - How to apply: Submit your entry (entries) to pje@ust.ac.kr with the attached application form(s).
 - Deadline: December 8th, 2019 (Korean time)
 - Note: Use of shared drive is encouraged for large files.

○ Evaluation
 - Evaluator: evaluation committee composed of faculty/staff members of UST and PR experts
 - Evaluation criteria: fun/touching (40 points), aesthetics/completeness (30 points), creativity (20 points), and relevance (10 points)
 - Results announcements: December (through homepage and invididual emails)
 - Note: Award-winning entries will be uploded to the UST YouTube channel in order. (www.youtube.com/user/ustpr)

○ Notes
 - UST may request the revision/deletion of untrue or inappropriate content or reject entries containing such content.
 - The number of prize winners may be adjusted depending on the number of entries and the evaluation results.
 - Entries that do not meet entry requirements or were created through illegal or unethical use of other people’s work may be excluded from the competition or their corresponding awards may be revoked.
 - Entries must be free from all legal or moral issues, including copyright, likeness, and trademark issues. All related legal responsibilities shall be assumed by the creator.
 - Creators must submit a separate application form for each entry. Entries made by teams must be submitted by a single representative.
 - Specific evaluation details about entries other than award results will not be disclosed.
 - UST shall be granted the copyrights to award-winning entries such that UST may freely use those entries without permission from their original creators.


○ Inquiry: UST Public Relations and International Affairs Team 

 - Email: pje@ust.ac.kr

 - Tel: 042-865-2373