Notice on ID card Issuance for freshmen of 2020 Fall semester

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  • Registration Date : 2020-07-17
Application form for ID card.pdf

UST student affairs team would like to inform you regarding Student ID card. You can choose between a student card with a financial function or a student ID that does not.


※ ID card Issuance is not mandatory.


A. ID card with financial functions


- Access to UST Main office (Daejeon)


- Access to UST Dormitory (Daejeon) : only for main entrance and lecture room


- Financial transactions (such as deposit money, debit payment, etc.)


- Transportation card


B. ID card without financial functions


- Access to UST Main office building (Daejeon)


- Access to UST Dormitory (Daejeon) : only for main entrance and lecture room


※ In accordance with bank regulations, students from particular countries* can open a bank account only after ARC(Alien Registration Card) and Passport are submitted.


(* Iran, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Bahamas, Botswana, Ghana, Cambodia, Iceland, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Mauritius, Myanmar, Barbados, Albania, Uganda, Jamaica)


C. How to apply


- International students only can apply for ID card without financial functions at present, because newcomer’s odyssey program will be proceed online. However, you can add financial functions after you enter Korea. (after you complete the alien registration for some students)


 · step 1) Please fill out the application form(att1), your signature is necessary.


 · step 2) Send the scanned application form and your photograph to


 · step 3) Receive ID Card (We will notify you when ID card is issued.)


    - (For students in Daejeon) Visit Student Affairs Team(1st floor of the main office) to receive it.


    - (For students outside Daejeon) Please request postal service via mail.


 · step 4) (Optional) Add financial functions


    - visit Wooribank → open a bank account → connect it to your ID card


    - If you already have Wooribank account, you don’t have to open a new one.


D. Contact Information


- UST Student Affairs Team (