[COVID-19] Notice on COVID-19 confirmed case

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Dear Students,

This is UST Student Affairs Team.


We would like to inform you about the COVID-19 confirmed case (Nationality: Ethiopia, COVID-19 confirmed case No.: Daejeon 182), who is the successful applicant of UST 2020 Fall semester.


He entered Korea through Incheon Airport on 16th August 2020 and has stayed in UST Dormitory for quarantine. He got COVID19 test on 19th August, then got positive result 20th August.


He will be sent to the hospital following the guidance of the public health center. There are no moving routes in the UST main office or campuses.


As the COVID-19 confirmed case is increasing nationwide, please follow the guidelines (Wearing a mask, washing hands, resting three to four days when you sick, keeping distance with other people, etc.).
In addition, If you have any suspicious symptoms or be a confirmed/suspected case, Please report it to the UST Student Affairs Team as soon as possible.


- Email : inhwa@ust.ac.kr, ken1986@ust.ac.kr
- Tell. : 042-865-2338~9.
* Please report it to the UST coordinator in your campus and advisor.

- Student number and name: example) 2020200 Hong Gil-dong
- Report reason: Close contact with the confirmed patient
- Measurement from the public health center or campus: e.g. Self-quarantine (no access to campus and no leave of residence) notice; Self-monitoring (temperature checking for 14 days) and telecommuting (no access to the campus only)

You can find the information of the COVID-19 case confirmed case on the Daejeon City website.