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Overview of UST, as of 2016, Based on the Number of Graduates and Freshmen

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After its establishment in 2003, UST has been achieving growth every year. This year, it produced about a hundred graduates with master’s and doctoral degrees and admitted about 200 new talented students. UST is currently implementing its vision, ‘The creation of future value through the nurturing talents in science and technology’, and the following is the current status of UST, as of 2016, based on the number of freshmen and degree recipients.

 *The following results are based on the figures of the spring semester of 2016.




→ The number of students who graduated in the spring semester of 2016 totalled 136, which is about a 14 increase compared to the number of students who graduated in the same period of last year (118). Among the graduates, the students who received doctoral degree (combined course) accounted for 36, and those who received master’s degree accounted for 64, indicating that the ratio of doctoral course students is continuously increasing since the first graduation in 2006. The number of freshmen totaled 211, which is about a 36 increase compared to the number of freshmen in the spring semester of the last year (136).



* The number of SCI theses by the first author (among the doctoral degree recipients)


→ The following is the research results of the graduates based on the number of SCI (Science Citation Index) theses. The number of the first author SCI theses presented by doctoral students in the spring semester of 2016 was 94, which showed no great difference from the number of those published in the first part of 2015. However, it was analyzed that the research results gradually had quantitative and qualitative improvements because the outcomes that depended on Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology  in the past started to be produced from various campuses.




→ The application trend changes depending on the changes in the global and the social trend. What were the majors that attracted great popularity from the freshmen in the spring semester of 2016? Among the five departments of highest ranks out of a total of 82 majors, the Department of HCI & Robotics ranked first this year. Last year, it ranked 20th. The popularity of Weapons System Engineering and Food Biotechnology gradually increased from the last year and ranked the second and fourth place respectively this year. Meanwhile, the Biomolecular Science ranked the fifth conseively from the last year, stably maintaining a high place in the ranking.