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Andrew Searching for a Job in Korea (ANDREW PUTRAYUDHA SOESANTO, UST-KIER Campus)

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  • Registration Date : 2015-10-07
Andrew Searching for a Job in Korea (ANDREW PUTRAYUDHA SOESANTO, UST-KIER Campus)의 대표사진

Nearly two years ago, Andrew, who came from Indonesia, could rarely speak Korean, but now, he is quite fluent in speaking the language. Although he is sometimes mistaken for a Korean, he is a native Indonesian who loves Korea so much that he has even mastered how to eat eccentric Korean traditional cuisines such as grilled beef tripe and fermented skate. Nowadays, he is looking for a job in Korea. He knocked the door of “Quest for UST.”


An Indonesian man in Korea

Hello! My name is Andrew Putrayudha Soesanto. My friends call me Andrew. Many people mistake me for a Korean, but I am a native Indonesian. I love to sing, although people say that my voice is not so good (laughs).
Korea is known as a country that is advanced in many aspects. It is excellent in terms of technological development, and its entertainment industry is also famous. K-Pop and Korean variety shows are very popular in my country. In particular, I like the gorgeous and good-looking actors as well as the interesting TV dramas.
It was one of my close senior students who suggested for me to come to Korea when I had nothing to do in my country. He worked at the UST-KIER campus, where I am also attending, and recommended that school to me. I have always been interested in conducting researches and tests, but not only those carried out in classroom settings but also those in which I can participate in actual projects. So, for me, UST is a perfect place. Fortunately, UST gave me an opportunity, and that’s how I came here.



The real reason he fell in love with Korea

In fact, before I came here, I was really worried. First of all, I couldn’t speak Korean. So, I was afraid as to how I could adapt myself well to Korea with my poor language skills. I was also scared of Korean food because some people that I know told me that most Korean dishes were raw or fermented. Indeed, sometimes, I get shocked with new cultures. In particular, the Korean culture of drinking and going to dry saunas shocked me the most. Many Indonesians believe in Islam and don’t drink, and they don’t have such places as dry saunas. When I first went to a dry sauna, I was really shocked (laughs).
However, everything was just useless worry. Now, I have come to love Korea so much. My kind Korean friends helped me adapt well to their country. I learned that even people who could speak English like it when people speak in Korean. So, I seriously studied Korean. I took online classes, but my Korean friends have been the most helpful. I was able to practice and develop my Korean skills while I got along with them. It was like catching two pigeons with one bean. As my Korean have gotten much better, my life in Korea became much more amusing.



Since then, I have traveled to different parts of Korea. The more that I have known about Korea, the more that I loved its history, culture, and food. The food, in particular, suits my taste. Korean sausage, pig feet, chicken feet, grilled beef tripe, and fermented skate are my favorites. For the past two years, I fell deeply in love with the Korean people as well as their culture and food. I want to give back to Korea as much as I have received. So, I am preparing myself for new challenges and experiences in Korea.



A proud USTian

This year, my goal is to graduate with my doctoral course at UST-KIER. Then, after graduation, I will probably work with a Korean company for a fresh experience. My long-term goal is to have a happy family. I wish that I could share my love and happiness with my wife and children. Moreover, I would like to start and run my own business some time in the future.
UST has helped me a lot in building these dreams. I always think of UST as a kind of platform where students can realize their dreams. I am proud to be a USTian. UST is my pride. It gave me something more than education.
I am grateful to those who helped me build my dreams in Korea. UST enlightened me. As a proud USTian, I will enjoy every moment of my life in Korea, realize my dreams, and contribute to the society.


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