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All-rounder Enjoying Campus Life Human ‘lego’, Plays with Imagination (Eundo Kim, UST- ETRI Campus, Information and Communication Network Technology Major)

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  • Registration Date : 2015-12-28
All-rounder Enjoying Campus Life Human ‘lego’, Plays with Imagination (Eundo Kim, UST- ETRI Campus, Information and Communication Network Technology Major)의 대표사진


From minor products like sticking plasters and post-its, to major ones like camera and smartphone inventions that have brought us groundbreaking changes, our life did not develop at once. They were derived from a habit of observing everything without missing even the trifle accidents, the technology for applying novel discoveries in our life, and the persevering mentors who undergo ceaseless trials and errors to realize inventions. Here, we will meet Eundo Kim, a talented USTian student who even knows how to enjoy the laborious process.




I heard that you were an all-rounder.


Well, maybe because of my sociable and outgoing personality, I have worked as a leader in many places (laughs). I entered UST in 2012, and beginning the following year, I became a student president of the ETRI campus. I am also working as an assistant in my major and I’m also the representative of “Odult,” a creators’ club in UST. I am very satisfied with this lifestyle. It’s very meaningful because I can learn a lot.

Your creative activities with students in diverse majors are drawing attention.


This coming March, Openhaso (Open Hardware and Software), a free creative community in ETRI, gathered USTians who were interested in this kind of activity and established a new ICT DIY club called Odult (a compound word made of otaku, the Japanese word for an enthusiast, and kidult). At first, I started it as a hobby, but now it has expanded so far that various investors have funded it. Also, the club participates in many contests. For example, in the K-ICT Technology Commercialization Festival 2015, we ted a “looper robot,” whose motif came from loopers. Our submission attained huge attention. Recently, we have been working on developing a “shadowmatic” and a “smart driver,” which can be used for screws in all shapes and sizes. It is very pleasing to realize student’s ideas in Odult.



Your unique ideas stood out in many contests, right?


In 2013, I participated in the UST Conference Idea Contest with my friend Heui-woong Park, who was in the same year as me. We won third place with our “spam number search system using social media.” I thought then, “I should not here. I will continue until I get the first place.” So, I challenged the contest again. In 2014, we ted the idea of “establishing a network in emergent disaster using a drone” and finally won the first prize. This idea is now commercialized and used in emergency situations. This year, I wanted to try again under the name of Odult and made a prototype of a “vehicle horn-sound visualizing device for the hearing-impaired,” with which the club was honored to win first prize. Additionally, Heui-woong and I are challenging a variety of contests such as an online science paper contest and an open contest being held by a coffee franchise brand. We are reliable running mates to each other.




You seem to make continuous efforts to get new ideas. What is the source of your ideas?


I’ve liked to be lost in thoughts since I was young. I also loved media, which requires creativity such as mystery fictions or quizzes. I guess I could build my creativity from them. In addition, I like to observe an object in detail. Actually, many algorithms of a computer were designed based on the behavioral patterns of a human being or an animal. So, I also closely observe other people or nearby objects to obtain new ideas.



Tell us how UST has helped you.


I have wanted to get a doctor’s degree since I was in high school, because I had a kind of fantasy about lab works. However, when I went to university, I realized that it would not be easy to achieve my dream. When I became frustrated with financial difficulties, I heard about UST by chance. Now, I am getting closer to my dream, thanks to UST’s many programs that fully support students.

What do you think is a unique advantage of UST?
For better performance in ICT-related study and research, high-priced equipment are required, and UST has costly equipment that are not commonly found in other institutes. It is a very unique advantage of UST. With their equipment, students can study or perform experiments that cannot be easily done in other places.


Describe yourself in one word.


I always introduce myself as “lego.” Before being assembled, lego blocks are a meaningless pile of cubes. However, they can be a car, a plane, a castle, or any other thing, depending on the idea. Like this, I can create a new product by adding my creativity to a usual object. Sometimes, it brings an unpredictable and strange result, but it is also funny. I think my “play” will not end for a while (laughs).

He is already making considerable changes. Various techniques derived from his ideas nourish our life. We wish him success. May he remain creative in the future, too.