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My Great Challenge to a History Filled with Novelty (Olga Yurievna Puchkova (Master ’s course) UST-KIMM Campus Nano-Mechatronics Major)

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My Great Challenge to a History Filled with Novelty (Olga Yurievna Puchkova (Master ’s course) UST-KIMM Campus Nano-Mechatronics Major)의 대표사진

Olga Puchkova came to Korea from Russia three months ago. She is adapting to Korea so quickly that jajangmyeon has already been added to her favorite food list. Olga, a newlywed bride from Russia, only came to Korea for one reason― to advance her life. Her dream is to have new experiences while travelling around the world with her beloved family. She visited “Quest for UST” to solve questions about life in Korea.



Coming to Korea for new challenges


Hello. My name is Olga. It has been only three months that I came to Korea. My Korean skill is still poor and I have a lot of things to know about Korea. Anyway, I am studying hard to learn all of them. I like to learn and experience novelties. I would never give up something that I believe is worth a try. Coming to Korea is also a challenge to me. When I took my master’s course in Russia, I always told my advisor that I would like to study a new area, do a new project, or have new experiences whenever possible. So, my advisor told me about UST. (How did the professor get to know about UST?) Of course, I was a newlywed, and going to another country by myself was a great concern to me. But, when I thought deeply about the idea, the conclusion was “why not?” Finally, I decided to go to Korea.

Honestly, I didn’t know Korea well before I came here. I had no information about Korea other than a map with illustrations of IT devices that I saw in a children’s education material. So, in my vague idea, Korea was a place filled with smart-looking people who woreg glasses. But after I came here, I found that people were really nice and kind. Owing to them, I can enjoy my life in Korea. I think it is really wonderful and exciting to learn new knowledge in a new environment of Korea, as well as to have experiences that I can only do here.






Studying and dancing salsa, drives in my life


I always want to face challenges and achieve things. But, to be successful in any field, we have to know the most effective way to work. Also, what is similarly important to know is the way to take an effective rest. Many UST students like and enjoy their work. So do I. But, when you are mesmerized only in work, many things turn ineffective. Once, I was also absorbed in my study. I was a bookworm, looking down on books every day without rest. When I was only immersed in studying, I became so inactive. I turned so sensitive at minor things and easily got frustrated. Fortunately. my friends let me know that I had problem, and by then, I recognized that I had to balance between work and relaxation. I came to have a hobby that I’ve never tried in Russia. That’s salsa dance. Salsa is the best hobby as it makes me feel relaxed and filled with new energy. I enjoy my life in Korea―I concentrate on studying when I have to, and I relieve stress by dancing salsa when I need to be refreshed.



Realizing my dream step?by-step


My goal is to study deeply about the research and research equipment that I am handling. As it’s only been three months since I came here, I don’t have sufficient knowledge about my major. That’s why I want to know more about the equipment that I have to deal with. Rather than how to control the equipment, I want to have a full grasp of the basic principle of their mechanical motion. If I don’t know the principle, I have no choice but to it when there is an error. Then, it leads to time waste and disruption in my research. So, I think that it is important to know the principle of  motion to effectively deal with the errors. Also, the other goal is to take a doctoral course when I my master’s course. I want to realize my dream of being a professor by obtaining my own fruitful research and project result. I know that I have to make a lot of efforts to this end.


Of course, my family is an integral part of my life. I now live in Korea while my husband lives in Russia. After I complete all the courses for my challenge in Korea, I would like to make a happy family with my husband. I want to have about three children and travel around the world with my family. I would like to build special memories by being exposed to different cultures and ideas of every country. It is still a far distant future, but I believe that I can make it someday. I am happy at the thought of such plans. I will always dare to challenge novelties for my future plans.




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