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We Will Make Ust a Far Better Place! (Se-dong Yeo, Student council president)

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We Will Make Ust a Far Better Place! (Se-dong Yeo, Student council president)의 대표사진



Last January, the 10th student council president and vice president of UST were elected. They agreed that ‘strengthening the sense of belonging among the UST students is the most important task’. We interviewed Se-dong Yeo, the president, and Jae-hye Lee, the vice president, who will lead the UST student council in 2016.






First, please say a few words on being elected as the 10th student council president and vice president of UST.

Yeo: Hi, I am the president, Se-dong Yeo. I think there are some roles that people expect of me as the president of the student council. I am very much prepared to do anything I can for UST students, like the former presidential groups.
Lee: Hi, I am the vice president, Jae-hye Lee. After the election, I was excited at first, but now I feel rather overwhelmed upon seeing the heavy work imposed upon me. In line with my pledge to “make the student council accessible by all the students,” I want to perform the role of a vice president who is always beside her fellow students.





I am curious about your motives to run for the election.

Yeo: I was always interested in improving the internal and external awareness of UST, and I thought that I could realize this through the student council activities. I also thought that there must be something I could do to combine the campuses scattered in each region in one fence of UST. This was my motive when I ran for the election.
Lee: I think that the student council should contribute to the development of the university and the improvement of campus life. At first, it was difficult for me to  willingly step forward because the business of the student council is always accompanied by personal sacrifice. Finally, I decided to take the challenge because someone must do this after all.




What were the responses of your acquaintances when you first told them that you would run for the election?

Lee: Actually, there were more worries than encouragement. In particular, my families were all worried that I would not be able to simultaneously study and conduct student council activities. But once they found out that I had a solid will, they encouraged me by saying, “If you already made up your mind, Have your cake and eat it, too!”
Yeo: I also had a lot of worries that I would not be able to maintain a balance between my studies and student council activities. But, my professor actively provided me with advice, saying that it is a great opportunity for me, and he even asked me to contact him any time I would need his help. In addition, the encouragement of my family and friends helped me a lot in plucking up the courage.





What do you think is the most important virtue as a member of the student council?

Lee: Leadership and affinity are of course important, but I think that what is required of the members the most is a firm character that is never disturbed even in difficult situations. They should be able to complete their duties without causing disappointments, even if they are faced with difficult problems.
Yeo: Isn’t it good looks that can the mind of the students? (Laugh) It’s a joke. First, I think it should be the basic virtues of the members to comply with the ethics as the representatives of UST students and as future researchers. I also think that the student council president should have the ability to place the right members in the right places by making the most use of their unique personal characteristics.




I think the sharing of roles between the two of you is important. What would be your roles?

Lee: President Se-dong Yeo has a smooth character, while I have a no-nonsense character. Perhaps, President Yeo will play the role of carrot and I will play the role of a whip. That may make me a bad person, though. (Laugh)
Yeo: Vice President Lee likened herself to a whip, but in fact she has a calm character. Also, she always makes perfect preparations in doing things. As for me, I think that I am good at seeking ways to solve problems. By bringing out the best in each of us, it would be better if I play the role of improvement planning by collecting the opinions of the fellow students, and Vice President Lee plays the role of actually promoting the plans.






What do you think is the most urgent task for UST?

Yeo: I think the greatest problem of UST is the lack of communication between the students and the lack of sense of belonging of the students because the UST campuses are scattered throughout the nation. So, we are in urgent need of finding a way of improving the sense of belonging of the students in one fence of UST.
Lee: For that, we are planning seasonal and semestral events, and we will encourage the participation of the students. For your reference, we are planning a flower event called ‘Cherry Blossom Opening’ in April, and will create a festival culture that is UST’s own by increasing the scale and diversifying the contents of existing events such as the ‘UST Culture Festival’ and ‘Athletic Competition’ scheduled in May.




The change of UST that will be brought by you two is very much expected. Please say a few words about your promises and aspirations in doing the student council activities.

Yeo: I will develop the current student council into a student council of the students, by the students, and for the students. In addition, I will operate the student council well with the sense of responsibility, and I will always communicate well with my fellow students, too.
Lee: I will exert my utmost efforts to make UST a better place for students. I promise that the student body will always support the students like a reliable sponsor. Please keep watching over us. Your active participation can make your student council stronger!