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Design Your Future and Challenge with UST (Jeong-han Lee, UST-Korea Research Institute of standards and Science(KRISS) Campus)

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  • Registration Date : 2016-04-05
Design Your Future and Challenge with UST (Jeong-han Lee, UST-Korea Research Institute of standards and Science(KRISS) Campus)의 대표사진


It is not easy to find a job taking full advantage of one’s major and nurturing one's aptitude. We met alumnus Jeong-han Lee who found a job that is perfectly in line with his major at UST. He played the role of student body manager when he was still in UST, boasting of his exceptional affection for his school. What is his advice for his proteges who are still trying to find jobs?



What is your present work?


I currently belong to the ME (Manufacturing Engineering) Team of the Semiconductor Memory Business Division of Samsung Electronics. At first, I worked in the ‘measurement’ field, which directly treats and operates instruments. But, from the beginning of this year, I started working for ‘material management’, which controls the quality of the materials used for semiconductors.





What is the knowledge or necessary expertise required for your current work (material management)?


There is no specific major required for material management because there are various materials used for semiconductors such as inorganic and organic matter, silicon, wafer, and water. Also, the purpose of material management is to control them. You do not study them at school, but basic knowledge about chemistry, physics, and the materials is required, and you need to have an attitude to comprehensively study them.



A-Conversation-with-Alumni2.pngWhat made you find a job in Samsung Electronics?


I majored in measurement in UST. There are not many people who majored in measurement in their universities, so the job market is a little competitive. By the time I graduated from UST, Samsung had bought an instrument that I used in UST, and they needed to find a person who can operate the instrument. As such, I was able to find a job there. I used what I learned in UST for my actual work, and it was greatly helpful to me. The recommendation of my professor was also helpful, of course, in finding a job with Samsung.

I heard that you are preparing for a post-doctorate degree.


While studying for my doctoral course, I studied about OLED, which is recently being used much for mobile phones. So, I planned to take a post-doctorate course in the US to further study about OLED. However, considering the reality that most doctoral students can’t find jobs that are in line with their major, I decided to enter Samsung when I was given the opportunity so I could make the most use of my own specialization.



What made you enter UST?


When I was an undergraduate student, I went on a ‘Field Trip’ to Daedeok Research Complex. I had an opportunity to visit UST, and the connection with Dr. Dae-won Mun of UST made me enter the university.



I heard that you conducted student activities when you were in UST.


When I was a freshman, I heard that the student council was recruiting members, and I applied for it. There were few chances for students to get together because the campuses were scattered here and there, but I could have a sense of belonging while I conducted student activities. Many UST graduates are shining in their own rights here and there, and I feel a deep sense of responsibility as a senior student from the initial period of UST.





What is your plan for improving your business ability?

I think that I need to improve my language skills. The year before last, Samsung built a semiconductor plant in China, which made me feel more pressured to learn Chinese. There is much demand from my company for English or Chinese skills because there are more Chinese and American partner companies than Korean ones. My company is also operating internal Chinese programs. I am going to challenge it, if an opportunity is given to me.



To conclude, please say a few words for UST students who are seeking jobs.


You just need to study, research, and experiment at your schools. But, companies also demand communication and expression abilities, as well as business abilities. Of course, language skill, which I previously mentioned, is also required. The purpose of UST’s establishment is to educate creative and high-class science and technology experts rather than teaching scientific theories. Fortunately for me, I perfectly fitted the purpose. If you wisely solve the matters you are currently faced with while feeling the pride of UST students, I am confident that you will be able to go on to whatever course you like, no matter what you intend to be, such as a researcher or an office worker like me.