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[Vol.19] A Prudent Step Toward a Great Dream (Hoang Quoc Viet, UST-KRICT Campus Chemical Convergence Materials Major (Doctoral Course, 2016 spring semester graduation), Postdoctoral at KRICT Center for Solar Energy Materials)

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[Vol.19] A Prudent Step Toward a Great Dream (Hoang Quoc Viet, UST-KRICT Campus Chemical Convergence Materials Major (Doctoral Course, 2016 spring semester graduation), Postdoctoral at KRICT Center for Solar Energy Materials)의 대표사진

From the beginning to the end of the interview, Hoang Quoc Viet was careful. For any question, he did not simply spit out what happened to him. Instead, he took long pauses before answering. After hearing his answers, we realized that the path Hoang Quoc Viet has taken and will continue to walk is the way of prudence. His path was built and paved by his prudence.



You graduated from the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) campus this February and is still continuing your postdoctoral work here. What made you join UST at first?

Before I was admitted to UST, I studied organic chemistry. I was interested in renewable energy and energy material, and by chance, I heard about Professor Won-seok Shin, a leading scholar in the field of organic solar battery. I wanted to study the subject more comprehensively, so I reached out to him without any hesitation. Later, I joined his research team and was admitted to UST. Actually, I did not know well about UST, but in the process of researching about my area of my interest, I came here.


What is your role in the Center for Solar Energy Materials?

I carry out research on organic solar cell. Organic solar cell is divided into three partselectrode, buffer layer, and active layer. Among the three, I focus on conjugated polymer synthesis for active layer.

In fact, it was a project that I had been working on since my arrival in UST. However, I did not have enough time to finalize it before my graduation. So, the professor in charge proposed that I work here as a postdoctoral researcher after my graduation so we could complete the project together. I also wanted to continue my studies on the project after graduation, so I willingly applied for the postdoctoral position. Now, I am able to continue my stay at KRICT.


How did you prepare for the postdoctoral position?

I did not do anything special. Rather, I just looked back on my original mindset and research goal. During the interview, I introduced myself in front of five professors. Then, I laid out to them my activity plan for the postdoctoral study, and with my relevant academic expertise, I also told them how well-equipped I was for the position. As I was already acquainted with all of the interviewers, I felt comfortable. However, I did feel responsible for the project I had to complete while working as a postdoctoral researcher.


Was your family in Vietnam happy with the news you were hired as a postdoctoral?

My entire family congratulated me on the news that I could keep working in KRICT as a postdoctoral researcher. My mother’s reaction seemed lacking though, perhaps because I cannot go back to Vietnam as early as she expected. She wanted me to find a stable job in Vietnam and stay with them, but she did tell me that while it was sad that I was not going back for the present, she still had confidence in me and my decision and would continue to wait for me. Sometimes, I also miss them. But now is the time for me to concentrate and focus more on my job and my studies. I believe that someday I will make an honorable return to my home and please her (smile).


You continued to stay at UST even after graduating. Maybe you have exceptional pride as a USTian?

I always feel proud of being a member of UST, a school with globally prominent research teams. I was particularly touched during the commencement ceremony last February. All faculty members, staff members, and even the president applauded and congratulated me on my graduation. That moment of honor was only possible because I was a member of UST. As an alumnus of UST, I want to be a researcher that can bring fame and pride to my alma mater.



What helped you go through your long stay in a foreign country?

There were a lot of trials and errors as well as twists and turns in the process of writing a paper, achieving master‘s and doctoral degrees, and moving on to becoming a postdoctoral researcher. Nonetheless, I reached my goals because I always maintained my post even when everything became extremely difficult. My goals did not come from a dream I had one night nor was it made for fun. I think my strongest point is that I prudently think about my dreams and exert persistent efforts to have them come true.


Tell us about your plan and ambition.

I would like to attend a postdoctoral fellowship related to device engineering through more advanced research on organic solar battery in the near future. Ultimately, my wish is to invent and commercialize organic solar battery and contribute to the community through my invention.

Recently, I advised two Vietnamese students to come to UST. I would like to invite more of my people to come to UST and play a part in development of our home country.


Can you give an advice to other UST students?

Dream big. The bigger the dream that you have, the more will you be able to concentrate on what you want to do and the greater the incentive you will have. I am also one of the researchers who are going forward to their dreams. I hope we would be able to meet on a global stage sometime in the future.