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[Vol.20] The Key to the Dream is in Me (Hyun-ho Kim, UST-ETRI Campus, Computer Software Major (Masters Course, 2016 spring semester graduation), NAVER Search Department), NAVER Search Department)

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[Vol.20] The Key to the Dream is in Me (Hyun-ho Kim, UST-ETRI Campus, Computer Software Major (Masters Course, 2016 spring semester graduation), NAVER Search Department), NAVER Search Department)의 대표사진

Everyone has uncertain future. The environment surrounding us changes its shape day by day, and many things that were right yesterday turn out to be wrong today. If you dont have anything solid in the swirl of change, there is only one thing you can believe: yourself. Hyun-ho Kim says that he could achieve what he has today because he had confidence in himself. The right answer to life is in yourself.



Q. You graduated in February this year and joined the company in March. Are you adapting well to your company?

I am currently in the NAVER Search department, which is responsible for search function of the portal. I was interested in "Deep learning," a machine learning technology that combines and analyzes data and classifies it in a way similar to that of a human brain. I am very satisfied with my job because it goes beyond involving the technology to deal with it directly. Business environment is also great. As I can go to the work by 10:00 AM, and the company does not have a culture of forced night work, I feel free from the pressure of "long work hour." Usually I can take my time to read the latest papers to grasp the trend of technology every morning.



What’s your specific role in the team?

I am responsible for natural language processing. Natural language processing refers to the task of analyzing the language of everyday life and transforming it for computer processing. To put it easily, in the past the Internet search engines only stopped showing results that matched the search terms just literally. Nowadays, when a user enters "Imjin Japanese invasions of Korea" and "Year," the computer finds out that the user wonders about "the year of the Imjin War" and provides the appropriate information "1592-1598." As such, we work to extract relevant information so that we can accurately understand user intent and provide proper information.


Last December I added the feature to automatically group documents from the same target in several encyclopedia. This has improved users' access to NAVER Knowledge Encyclopedia. I am very proud of it as it is the first achievement since I joined the company. (Laugh)



Q. We wonder what kind of preparatory process you went through before joining the firm.

I have checked the recruiting posts of companies where I can take advantage of my research field. In particular, I looked closely at the departments and fields where job opening was frequently made and tried to figure out what kind of talents the companies needed right at the time. In other words, it was a process of linking the competencies needed by the companies and what I can do well. Of course it was not as easy as it sounds. During the master's program, I was seriously concerned about my future as well as my research activities. I have done various activities both inside and outside of the campus in order to open possibilities and search for direction of my career path. For example, I participated actively in the "Business Start-up Programs" in the campus and the "I-Core Project" of a research foundation. The outcome itself was not deemed successful, but it was a great opportunity to understand business in a various ways. I was also actively involved in public presentations such as the PyCon APAC conference hosted by the Python programming language community to make the most of my opportunity to promote myself.





Q. You would have been really busy while you stay at school. Was it possible that you have a clear goal?

After finishing undergraduate course, I had worked for two and a half years at a electronics and electric manufacturer. I was working on the operating system at the TV business unit, but I became more interested in other jobs dealing with software. Especially, I thought that artificial intelligence field was promising, so I used to study the field after work by myself. However, it was hard to manage it with my company life, so I quit my job and applied to UST. I was in my late 20s at the time. I thought when I turned 30s, I could not have the courage to take the opportunity. I decided to change my career path as I believed it was the last time that I could do it. I was confident that I could do well, and it seems to be the driving force for my strenuous efforts in UST.



Q. What does the time you have spent in UST mean to you?

ETRI campus automatic interpretation research lab is actively studying deep running which is becoming a big issue recently. As UST understands the latest technology trends and responds quickly, research activities here have directly helped me make decisions regarding career path and get a job. Also, the school supported me in studying my favorite areas with benefits such as research programs and seminars.


In fact, working hard on research itself was daunting enough. But I added a lot of external activities, so the Head of Academic Affair said I


was desirous of too many things at the same time. (Laugh) I owe Professor Sang-hoon Kim and Professor Seung Yoon for the full support and care. I'd like to express my gratitude to my mentors taking advantage of this interview



Q. Finally, could you give any advice to UST students?

I think all of UST students are doing their best every single day. I want to cheer the colleagues rather than giving advice. Don't be exhausted and keep your current attitude and mind set. If you believe in yourself until the end, you can have what you want at the end though there would be turns and twists in the way.