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The greatest lesson I learned at UST was “appreciation”, Chairul Hudaya

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The greatest lesson I learned at UST was “appreciation”, Chairul Hudaya의 대표사진

The greatest lesson I learned at UST was 'appreciation'

Chairul Hudaya - who majored in energy environment convergence engineering at UST-KIST -

Chairul Hudaya

UST Hudaya was appointed as
an honorary overseas ambassador

“Returning home in glory.” There seems to be no other appropriate words to explain alumnus Chairul Hudaya. He is from a very small farm village in Sumatra, Indonesia. Hudaya, a smart boy well-known among the residents, read books under an oil lamp and followed his dreams. His good, simple dream of becoming an electrical engineer who supplies electricity to the village became a respectable reality thanks to the support and encouragement of many people.

From pride of his home to pride of his country

“I have not fully fulfilled my dream. During my absence for study, my village already got electricity. However, I am glad that my neighbors are proud of my fulfilling the dream of becoming an electrical engineer.”

Hudaya with fellow international students while studying at UST (in the middle of the back row)

Hudaya, who visited the UST campus one year after his graduation, has already grown up well as a promising electrical engineer who is the pride of his country, needless to say his hometown. He was awarded the Young Scientist and Technologist Prize that ASEAN countries selected last November. The honor of this award is given to only one out of 10 candidates recommended by ASEAN. A little earlier, he won the Best Scientist Award from the Indonesian government.

He has become distinguished as an electrical engineer since he was a UST student. After mainly studying lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems at UST, Hudaya won the Presidential Award, the Daejeon City Mayor Award and the KIST Best Paper Award at the graduation ceremony in 2016.

Students participating in sharing session with Indonesian UST alumni

After returning to his native country with excellent grades in his degree courses, he was appointed as an assistant professor at Universitas Indonesia in January this year. His alma mater, UI is the largest and most prestigious university in Indonesia, with 55,000 students and 4,000 professors. He has successfully launched a new life there, but his childhood dream is still valid. His motto, which was introduced on the university’s web page, is “The best person is the one who brings the most benefit to the rest of mankind.” Professor Hudaya and his team are currently focusing their efforts on developing affordable energy sources and supplying power to less favored areas.

“These days, I feel much obliged for all of my life. Without the help of the people around me, I could not have become a professor, won great awards and have an interview today like this. It was the greatest opportunity in my life to receive a scholarship from the Korean government and study at UST. I believe that I should contribute more benefits to the world than I got. I wish to study knowledge that is helpful for society, and in particular, provide better educational opportunities to the underprivileged.”

UST remains a special moment in life...please enjoy it

Professor Hudaya has become the first president of the UST Indonesian Alumni Association, which was launched last November. President Moon Kil-choo of UST, who was the respected teacher of Hudaya when he was a student, visited Jakarta and congratulated them on the formation of the association. Professor Hudaya said, “the UST Indonesian Alumni Association has two activity goals.” The first is the role of UST’s honorary ambassador. “We organize sharing sessions at a seminar hosted by the association, and invite talented Indonesian students to introduce UST and Korea. We are also promoting them online on Facebook and E-Book.”

The second goal is to strengthen the network among graduates. There are 97 alumni in Indonesia. Professor Hudaya said, “Since most of the alumni are professors, the strengthened network would be beneficial to their research activities, as in Korea.” The target of network strengthening is not only the alumni nearby. The UST Indonesian Alumni Association has an aspiration to invite USTians from all over the world, including graduates, students and professors, to a large conference in Bali.

Soon after a brief visit to Korea to attend the appointment ceremony to be made an honorary UST overseas ambassador, Professor Hudaya headed for the next destination, Shanghai, China. There, he will be a consultant for electrical infrastructure-related conferences organized by the municipal government. He left the message below for his juniors before leaving his beloved UST campus.

“Every moment in UST with respected professors, friends and staff remains a special memory of my life. Please enjoy whatever you are facing now, work, life and even cold winter.”