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'Hidden Hero', an Accelerator of Scientific Technique Growth UST-KISTI(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) - Campus Major: Big Data Science

  • Hits : 2012
  • Registration Date : 2015-07-31
'Hidden Hero', an Accelerator of Scientific Technique Growth UST-KISTI(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) - Campus Major: Big Data Science의 대표사진




Big data still draw public attention.

The size of data created in the digital environment is too enormous to estimate. Along with shorter life spans, their forms are also so diverse, including numeric data, video data, and character data. Consequently, swift analysis and accurate prediction have steadily been emerging as big issues. In this context, UST's Big Data Science, established in 2013, is under the public's eye.




Just as well known, big data is a term for large data sets that are created and distributed so fast or of which formats and types are so complex that traditional data processing techniques are inadequate to manage them. Moreover, it includes information technology and infrastructure that can extract and analyze information from big data and draw proper countermeasures or predict the future change.

Therefore, from the perspective of future value, the importance of big data is quite significant. The data sets can be connected with different areas including economy, society, security, the environment, culture, and more. Among them, big data processing technology and professional cultivation programs specialized in scientific techniques are essential elements to boost national competitiveness.



An incubator for talent who are ready for scientific technique settings


UST established a new specialty, Big Data Science, at the KISTI campus in the late 2013. This means that the optimal environment has been added to digital scientific technique research centered on KISTI's Materials and Life Science Research Division.

"It is a trend to establish national science data centers all over the world. However, we are simply converging and operating similar specialties and departments. I thought we also needed a more systematic institute that could nurture professionals who would deal with big data science. Because our Materials and Life Science Research Division has long conducted data mining technology research and maintained close partnerships with relevant organizations in the world, it will clearly make a big contribution to keep up with this trend."

According to Director Sung Won-Kyung of the Materials and Life Science Research Division, in terms of scientific techniques, the scale of academic database held by the UST Big Data Science exceeds 100 million cases. As a result, associations with organizations in many areas are surely possible. This is a very remarkable merit considering a broad spectrum of infinite big data. A student named Jang Yun-ji studying for a master's degree also showed her pride in her specialty, Big Data Science.

"I wanted to study big data. That is why I entered UST. I can seize many opportunities to experience advanced data that has never been accessed in other graduate schools (hahaha...). As the director mentioned, a scientific technique needs objective data to have a certain meaning, but the trend and its range are massive, fast, and in geometrical progression. However, if you have big data, it is a quite different story."



Accurate insight lays a foundation to resolve social issues.





As mentioned earlier, Big Data Science is more invaluable in that it accelerates growth in the scientific technique circle.


A student named Hong Seung-kyun in the integrated master's degree and doctoral degree programs is also attracted by the charm of Big Data Science. He said, "Since being an undergraduate student, I have been very interested in big data. I thought I had studied as much as I could, but I realized it was just "a tiny piece of a big picture" after entering UST. Now, I feel more energized thinking that "I am doing a good job as a member of the big data industry," particularly, listening to on-site researchers' reviews on my completed project."


As Jang Yun-ji seemed to empathize with him, a smile slowly spread in her eyes. She said that acquiring results in various forms from nothing with data gave her a feeling of rapture. In fact, both students participated in '"Top 10 Promising ICT Bio Health Technologies for the Future" held in May and played a pivotal role in setting out guidelines with key words. Professor Jeong Han-min from the Materials and Life Science Research Division, who was in charge of the corresponding project, added that presentations given on this occasion indicated just its small beginnings, nodding his head.


"This occasion has resulted from the use of big data analysis methods in cooperation with KISTI and KRIBB. In other words, it is further significant that it is a joint creature based on local government-funded research centers' spontaneous collaboration over one year."

Professor Lee Seung-Woo of the Materials and Life Science Research Division emphasizes that big data experts should also be equipped with keen insight that is enough to correctly read the messages behind data. In addition, he explains that big data is designed to essentially resolve social issues, and thus we must remember the service mind. He also says, "big data experts should take initiative so that great achievements in the scientific technique world can be returned to the society, thereby contributing to national development and people's happiness. Don't you think big data experts' fate is to fulfill those missions?"





In this regard, a student named Hong Seung-kyun told his ambition that he would analyze information on "a floating population dwelling in commercial spheres" using a big data technique to help the self-employed in need. As the first graduate from UST Big Data Science, Jang Yun-ji also pledged herself to paving the road for her juniors in school. Lastly, I would like to give my sincere applause for the future of the students who will serve as a strong bridge that connects the scientific technique world to the real world where people live together.