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The Virtual Rendezvous with Robots Becomes Steps for Humanity (Visit to Robotics and Virtual Engineering Major, UST-KITECH Campus)

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  • Registration Date : 2015-10-06
The Virtual Rendezvous with Robots Becomes Steps for Humanity (Visit to Robotics and Virtual Engineering Major, UST-KITECH Campus)의 대표사진

Robots helping humans or machines creating goods were imaginary beings that only appear in movies. There are people who commit to researches for the realization of the imaginary beings. We visited a robotics and virtual engineering major of UST of KITECH campus that is steering the far distant future into reality.


As the labor costs of East Asian regions continue to increase, Korean manufacturer businesses that went abroad are making U-turns to the country. In adition, attention to the automated process that can contribute to cost down in the manufacturing process is also growing. In addition, demands for state-of-the-art robot technology, such as robots for welfare in the aging society or robots providing emotional exchange service are on the rise. “Robotics and Virtual Engineering” is a major that meets these demands and prepares for the future.




Preparation for the next takeoff

“Integration of intelligent robot engineering and virtual engineering major was a matter of importance, of course. In terms of the technology-based manufacturing business, robotics deals with manufacturing robots, and virtual engineering deals with designs that are the basis of the manufacturing process.”
In 2014, the two majors united to become the robotics and virtual engineering major. Intelligence robotics are studying about robots that can constitute future labor force and carry out jobs that cannot be handled by humans, and virtual engineering is a discipline that studies about technologies for designing goods and building manufacturing systems by combining traditional technologies and IT. The integration of the two seemingly different majors created wider-ranging and more fruitful curricula. In addition, as the major’s project focus is shifting to joint assignments from respective researches, its future looks more promising.
Everywhere in the world, technologies related to robotics and virtual engineering have remained at a similar level. At a time like this, carelessness would make a big difference. Professor Dong-uk Lee highlighted that for Korea to be a leader in robotics and virtual engineering, efforts of the researchers should be backed by support from the government.

“Robotics and virtual engineering is a field devoted to the future. Currently, Korea is on par with advanced countries in terms of the level of research and technology in robotics and virtual engineering. As we are at the same starting line, whether we can lead or be led by others in the future depends on how thorough researches we carry out and how sizeable investments we make on the subject. Indeed, the US Department of Defense is promoting the research of safety robot as a government project, and Google predicts robotics to be the future business and is preparing for it thoroughly by acquiring relative businesses.”



Steps for the future of humanity


What kind of qualifications do you need to be a leader in the field? Professor Lee said it requires plentiful knowledge of various fields as well as the relevant area. Technologies to make and control robots or design goods and factories in a virtual environment cannot be implemented without knowledge of computer technology and software utilization.
“Robotics and virtual engineering is a synthetic discipline that deals with various majors. To make robots and design factories, you need to have synthetic knowledge of electronics, computers, and IT. When you are in school, you need them, of course, and they will become an important forms of ‘competence’ when you go out into the world. If you want to be a leader in this field, you should be a person of competence who have across-the-board knowledge of traditional disciplines. and state-of-the-art ones.”
Efforts of the professors and the school are indispensible in attracting and nurturing such talent. Professor Ho-yeong Hwang of virtual engineering said that raising the quality of lectures for major courses could be the foundation for fostering talents. Training and producing excellent students would naturally raise the awareness of the major, which would directly lead to the discovery of another talent.
“Until now, this major has not been known in and out of the school, so it is not easy for us to secure talented students. Therefore, our short-term goal is to supplement the courses and curricula to cultivate the talents who can make contributions in the relevant industries right after graduation, and to secure qualified faculty to provide quality lectures to the students. Based on this, we will set a vision of nurturing human resources to lead the manufacturing technology powerhouse with ting-edge technologies, and all of our professors and students will pay their best efforts to cultivate the workforce who will play a role in the industrial advancement of Korea.”

Preparing for the future rather than the present and dreaming of affluent and safe lives, the major of robotics and virtual engineering has just made its first step. There is no doubt that this step is the foundation of the future of human beings. Thus, the people of robotics and virtual engineering are walking toward the future step by step.