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Well Known as a 'Funny' Professor with Amusing Lectures!

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Well Known as a 'Funny' Professor with Amusing Lectures!의 대표사진



Professor Lim Hyun-Kyoon does not believe a genius. He has more confidence in and inspires hardworking people to further efforts. However, the efforts should meet an essential factor: a "fun attitude" because he thinks efforts without enjoyment cannot last long. He insists that lecturers and listeners should enjoy themselves. Let's listen to his philosophy about education.



Professor Lim Hyun-Kyoon teaches medical physics in KRISS Campus. Medical physics encompasses wider fields than radiology that covers X-rays or CT. Simply put, this is intended to develop research and cultivate practically competent manpower in the field of advanced medical measurement. Professor Lim Hyun-Kyoon delivers lectures on anatomy and the introduction of biodynamics.




Q. As far as I know, you have mastered different research fields ranging from mechanical design engineering to human engineering, biomechanics, and medical engineering. Did you have any special motivation to walk on such a unique road to learning? Other than major specialties, you have also given general courses about "How to Make a Good Presentation," "How to Write a Good Paper," and so on.


A. They look different but are closely connected with each other (hahaha...). General courses are the same. They seems disconnected, but I cannot help dealing with human relations in order to give a good presentation and write a good paper. They are closely related to human engineering, so I naturally began to handle them. presentations and papers should also be oriented towards listeners and readers, that is, their targets. What matters to presentations and papers is to consider this: "How can my ideas '' people when they listen to or read them?







Q. Listening to you, I am wondering more about your lecture. Could you tell us random tips about how to give a good presentation or how to write a good paper?


A. With respect to a presentation, first determine the "3P": people, purpose, and place. In other words, if you do not analyze where, to whom, and what you want to convey in order to achieve what you seek, you will fail to touch listeners' heartstrings. Another crucial factor is the tone. You should choose an appropriate way of speaking or the shade of meaning, depending on targets. For instance, your boss at work, interviewers, housewives, senior citizens, students, and so forth. If your target is a student, you should consider more specifically if he or she is a elementary, middle, high, or college student. Lastly, eye contact with your audience is one of fundamental elements you should take into account. You should try to keep eye contact from at least 70 to 80% of tens of or hundreds of audience.


This also applied to writing a paper. One of the most frequent mistakes is to write methods insufficiently but conclusions verbosely. This is the worst case. Thus, keep in mind that you should write detailed and specific methods and processes of explaining "how you drew such results" to receive a positive evaluation.

In short, regardless of presentations or papers, if you know your enemy and yourself, you can win every battle.










Q. Have you ever had students in your mind during educational activities until now? If you define yourself, "who do you think you are as a professor?"


A. At an end-of-semester party of How to Write a Good Paper a student told me, "I've begun to see a paper with a 'reviewer's eye' after taking your class." The student got stuck in a "written paper" before but finally had a wider understanding of good quality papers after looking at them from a reviewer's point of view. I felt a sense of satisfaction. When I delivered a lecture on "How to Write a Good Paper," students asked me to "create a tool so that they could repeatedly listen to my lecture." In fact, I am rewarded as an educator with such a request.

I am "a fun professor just oriented toward an enjoyable class" because if studies get boring, they cannot last long.





Q. I know that you often deliver lectures outside your school. What are they all about? I also wonder why you are so dedicated to educational activities?


A. I am invited to deliver lectures many times in community welfare centers, public organizations, or other educational centers as well as in elementary, middle, and high schools. Naturally, the contents of lectures are so diverse. I usually talk about science utilizing my major or deal with issues such as human relations or psychology.

Well, education is a field that came naturally to me and was my envy as well. My father was a high school teacher, and I respected him very much. I sometimes did volunteer work as a teacher in childcare institutions when I was a undergraduate student and worked toward having a master's degree.





Q. Would you tell us about your plans to forward with and your future schedule?


A. I am going to the US for research in coming July. I am thinking of pushing the boundaries of my research areas while moving around various research centers. One of these areas is "human sensing," which deals with how to sense humans. Personally, I am quite looking forward to it. After coming back home, I will stand in front of students with more extensive lectures again. Until then, stay healthy and enjoy yourselves! No matter what (hahaha...)!