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Now is the Perfect Time to Dream!

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  • Registration Date : 2013-01-21
Please tell us briefly about yourself - your age, where you’re from, your family, etc.
My name is Erewari Alayemieka. I am a devout Christian from Nigeria. I arrived in Korea precisely on August 30, 2010. Oh how I miss my parents and family! But luckily, I am here with my husband and son, so it is bearable. I married Ukoha Onuoha, also from Nigeria, and together we have a four-year-0ld son, our source of joy. I am happy everyday thanks to my beloved family and my dream.
What brought you to KIST in Korea?
At first, I just wanted to study abroad for my master’s degree, preferably in Europe or in the US. Most Nigerians study in those countries. Then one of my relatives told me about KIST and I learned more about the institute through its website. It was actually an opportunity for me to confirm my enthusiasm for research. UST is a very good institution to pursue a master’s degree at, as it is linked to the most outstanding research institutes in Korea.
What made you want to become a scientist and why did you choose your field?
The biggest global challenge today is how to supply drinking water to developing countries. My research involves desalination using membrane separation processes. I would like to work at an organization aiming to solve this challenge by utilizing my research and knowledge in this field.
Tell us about your typical day.
I live off campus and my lab is located at a remote area. I spend most of my time at the lab. There are so much to study and experiment on, so I sometimes stay at the lab even late at night.
What is your impression about your degree program at UST?
It’s simply superb, because for me, it feels like my dream has come true.
What do you think about science education in Korea? What is the biggest difference between Nigeria and Korea in this regard?
I think Korea has outstanding science education. As for scientific research, it is excellent to perform your research under the conditions available at a Korean lab. The biggest difference would be that Korea has more up-to-date facilities and equipment required for research.
Do you ever feel lonely to live apart from your family?
Even after the first week in Korea had gone by, I didn’t feel lonely at all. I like all Korean food and had no problem adapting to my new life because I lived apart from my family ever since I was young attending boarding schools. Above all, I am always thankful for my family’s support and prayers for me.
What is your creed in life?
Live in nothing but faith and act with love.
Is there a particularly memorable person you met in Korea or any memorable event?
It would be the wife of a supervisor (professor), who was actually the first Korean I met at KIST. At the time, I didn’t even know who she was, but I will never forget her warm hospitality and timely attention to me. When I arrived in Korea, I had difficulty communicating with other people, and she noticed this and came to my rescue with her interpretation. Another thing I remember about her is her warm heart for me. One month after my arrival, she invited me for dinner and took me to a nearby park along with her sister and two daughters. Another memorable person is Seon-mi. We have similar ideas. Although she is much younger than me, her thoughts are very mature.
Please tell us about your future plans.
To realize my dream, the most basic and important thing is none other than my research. That is why I will never be lazy with my research. I am sure nothing is unachievable if you work hard towards it (smile). That is what I believe!End