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[Vol.19] Unwavering Passion Reflecting the Brilliance of Youth (Marton Szogradi, UST-KAERI Campus Advanced Nuclear System Engineering Major (Master’s Course))

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[Vol.19] Unwavering Passion Reflecting the Brilliance of Youth (Marton Szogradi, UST-KAERI Campus Advanced Nuclear System Engineering Major (Master’s Course))의 대표사진

While we often envy someone who realizes his or her dream, having one in the early stage of life is also enviable in itself. Marton Szogradi from Hungary chose his own path earlier than anyone and strode along that path without any hesitation. Now, Marton is walking along his path together with UST. Let’s hear all about him.



An ambitious challenge of a 15-year-old boy

Marton decided on his career early in his life. He said, “When I was in high school, I heard the news that the Hungarian and the Russian governments were going to jointly construct a nuclear plant. I thought then that nuclear research would be a promising area and came to have interest in nuclear-related study.” He did not have any hesitations at all, and he soon sent an e-mail to a university professor who was involved with a nuclear project to show his willingness to study the subject. He was then admitted to the Budapest University of Technology at the age of 15. “At first, my studies revolved around a wide range of analytic engineering, which was later subdivided into sustainable, heat, electric, and nuclear energies. I chose nuclear energy and began studying it more comprehensively.”


As a student the same age of a junior middle schooler in Korea, he fired up his passion to studying more fiercely than anyone else. “I used to take classes from 8 am to 3 pm and then travelled for 2 hours by bus to Budapest to attend project meetings. Then, I would return to school, travelling for another 2 hours at around 9 pm. I would go home at around 10 pm.” Marton said he had never felt as exhausted as he did then with such a tight schedule, which he endured for four years. Rather, the more he studied, the more curious he became. He did not even care how time flew by.



Came to Korea and UST for their potentials

His ties with UST was knotted by the joint research of MTA-EK under the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where he worked first a researcher, and KAERI. As a result of the three-year joint research, they were able to release the results during the 4th Meeting of the Programme Review Group and Management Board of the ATLAS Project of OECD NEA in Daejeon last October. He was the presenter of the said joint project. “During the meeting, Dr. Gi-yong Choe from the Thermal Hydraulic Safety Research Department of KAERI watched my presentation and advised me to join the institute. This was how I thus came here and began my master’s degree course in February. The presentation at an international conference served as my interview.”

Marton continues to research about nuclear safety at the Advanced Nuclear System Engineering department of KAERI campus. Safety is the top priority in nuclear plant operation. He is in charge of designing a program involving design basis accident, which is a mock test for safety accident prevention. “I will study about the Nuclear Safety Act. Currently, I am in the process of building my capability for diverging into various fields from the subject of nuclear then converging back to it.”

Then, why did Marton chose Korea or UST over many nuclear powerhouses like the US or France? He pointed out the school’s “open research environment and “high potential.” He said, “After the conference, I received an offer from a French institute too. But, Europe is decreasing its financial support for nuclear research, and field development is also slowing down and only staying within the status quo. On the contrary, Korea has an open opportunity for nuclear research for experts at home and abroad. Moreover, the nuclear-related industry is advancing in a fast pace. I believed that I could create as much challenges as I wanted to if I chose Korea.”



Blueprint to be drawn in Korea

Marton has felt familiar with Korea since long before. “In my home country, I have a lot of foreign colleagues and get along with them well. Iwas interested in Asian culture in particular; I even took Korean language classes for six months. So, I was already accustomed to Korean culture and language a lot.”

Since moving to Korea, he has strived to enhance his Korean skills. He practices it not only in his everyday life, he also makes the effort to speak in Korean in discussions and presentations as much as possible. “They use a lot of terminologies in the campus, so I do not understand everything they discuss in the conference. Once a professor gave me a terminology book as reference, and I spent two or three days translating it. The morning right after I finished it, I began understanding what they talk about in the meetings.”

Marton is busily spending his days in UST to even eat and sleep. However, he does not waste any minute because he believes that every single day will lead to his future. He is happy to be laying the ground for the realization of his dream. “After obtaining my master’s degree, I want to stay here for a doctoral course. I expect that I would be able to accomplish greater goals here in UST.


Marton seems to be tightening the ties among him, Korea, and UST. We wish him the best and commend his unwavering passion and the brilliance of his youth.