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You and Me, United by Music _ Pop Band ‘Guitar and So On’

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  • Registration Date : 2016-04-06


One of the greatest complements to campus life is club activities. The ‘Our Clubs’ corner of the magazine will introduce you to the various club activities of UST. The first one is the pop band, ‘Guitar and So On’


Harmonies created by different sounds

“Kiss me~ out of the bearded barley, Nightly...” The melody of Sixpence None the Richer’s ‘Kiss Me’ came from somewhere in the lobby of the main building. We followed it until we reached an assembly hall where the band ‘Guitar and So On’ was performing.
“We are so honored that our band, which was relatively the most recently organized among all the clubs, is your first guest.” The leader, Young-mo Lee, began to talk. The band was formed last March by music-loving students from different campuses to share their passion together by playing music. “I am really excited when I hear sounds from different instruments, such as the guitar and the cajon, and from different players, and when they come into harmony with human voices as if they originate from just a single source. Sometimes, I even feel a shiver in the air that we are sharing music together with the audience. That’s the most interesting part of club activities,” Lee went on saying. Gatherings of students from various campuses also give them opportunities to expand their experience and knowledge. The vocalist, Nari Lee, proudly said, “I can relieve myself from all the pressure of research and study through our band’s activities. In addition, I can share information with other major students. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.” 


Stages remain in our memory.

Their happiness is probably embedded into their music. The club receives more requests for a performance nowadays. ‘Guitar and So On’ has been invited to host in-school events including the UST Academic Festival. In particular, they were selected to make a congratulatory performance in the inauguration ceremony for UST President Gil-ju Mun last January. “It was a first for us that such a huge audience was paying attention to us. All of us were so tensed because of the audience size and the significance of the ceremony.” To make matters worse, right before they went onstage, the string of Chang-hun Jeon’s guitar suddenly got broken. All of them shed cold sweats at the incident. Guk-il No, who plays cajon, a percussion instrument, also recalled his embarrassment during that day, saying, “I had a difficult time playing. The floor of the stage was so slippery that the cajon slid backward again and again.” They were so embarrassed and tensed that they cannot even remember how their performance went onstage. Now, it is just one of the funny moments that they talk and laugh about together.





All music lovers, come and join us.

“Anyone who loves music can knock the door of our club. You can join through the bulletin board of the Student Body on the school’s website.” Young-mo Lee added that they would welcome novice players even more and that the senior members would help them learn how to play the instruments. The cajonist, Guk-il No, did not even know the percussion instrument before joining the club. He assembled it by himself and self-studied how to play it. Anyone who likes music can join the club as No did. This year, the club is expected to add more instruments, such as a keyboard and a shaker, and to extend their activities out of the campus. “We’re going to have street busking. We like playing in the school, but we also want to advertise UST to more people on an open stage.” At the end of the interview, they wished that more USTians would pay attention to and cheer for their band’s activities after reading the magazine’s ‘Our Club’ corner.



If you want to have an energetic campus life and unforgettable memories, you may want to consider joining ‘Guitar and So On’. We hope that the harmony of people who want to be united and to communicate through music would last forever.