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[Vol.19] A New World and Its Story through the Lens - Photography Club, “Click Click”

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  • Registration Date : 2016-09-29

Click click! This is the rhythmical sound of a camera shutter snapping to capture a scene in an instant. People commonly say their memories are short, but photographed moments can last longer. Taking a picture means collecting beautiful and cherishable moments of life. Each and every picture has its own story. The photography club “Click Click” sees a new world through the camera lens. How does it happen? Let’s hear about their photography-related stories.



A new vision, a new world

The club’s title strongly hints of what kind of activities they do. In a generation where anyone can have easy access to photography and it has become an ordinary hobby, the photography club “Click Click” was born due to the shared appreciation of decent photographs and the creation of a variety of pictures. The club president, Jun-yeong Kim, introduced the club: “Even without a highly functioning expensive camera, you can still take a good picture with your mobile phone. You can share with others who have the same hobby chances to enjoy the great pictures you take as well as learn from each other.”

The view through the camera lens can give you a new perspective, which is quite different from what the naked eyes can see. This is maybe the reason why the club requires its members to have a wider view and an open mind. “An idea that is different from mine does not bring about conflict; rather, it advances into a whole new perspective. The club is a kind of practice room where you can have a new perspective of to your surroundings by meeting new people and new subjects.”



Each picture has its own story

It is not easy to take the time to go out and take pictures during the school year. However, the club members hit the road as frequently as possible whenever they have free time even though their trips are quite short. Their photography trips take them to places as close as the Hanbat Arboretum to as far as Damyang, Boeun, and Gochang across the country.

“Wonjeong-ri, Boeun-gun in Chungbuk Province has a famous zelkova tree. In the wild, expansive field, a zelkova tree stands by itself away from other trees. The place is also good spot for taking photos of the beautiful galaxy.” In addition to what Jun-yeong said, other members also talked about their own stories. Seung-hyeon Go, who is fond of portraits, takes pictures of friends and family and gives them printed portraits as presents. “I am happy to see them making big smiles at the pictures. I can make the people around me smile with nothing more than just a few photos. That is the most attractive point of photography.” Another member said he started taking pictures to appeal to his crush, while another started fantasizing about working in a dark room after watching the movie, “Over the Rainbow.” Each member bubbles with his own story.




Click, the sound of cherishable moments

A subject appears completely different in photos taken by different photographers. Aside from the technical difference, the idea and sensibility of the photographer have a great impact on the work. A subject appears wholly different in pictures according to the photographer. Thus, each picture has its own value.

Each picture has its own story to tell. The photos they took will be exhibited in the October festival. They will present pictures that were taken during their photography trips and selected through an internal contest. In addition, they will also be exhibiting science-themed pictures.

“Click Click” has plans to go on joint photography trips with other photography clubs, as well as organize a lecture from a professional photographer and hold regular contests. All their plans are for their ultimate goal of leaving quality works. “Dear USTians, don’t you want to leave behind lasting memories of the beautiful moments of your life? If you do, come and join Click Click.” Our campus life is sometimes rough and arduous, but with the cheerful sound of the camera shutter, such moments would be remembered and cherished forever.