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[Vol.20] Wherever the Bike Goes, We Go Together - Bicycle Riding Club "Two Wheels"

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  • Registration Date : 2016-12-28
영문[Our Clubs]자전거동아리1.jpg
영문[Our Clubs]자전거동아리1

The once lush leaves all fell from the trees, leaving branches bony and bare. Even in the chilly weather, bicycles of the club Two Wheels rush down the open roads. The riders feel their cheeks getting cold but their chest flushing up. We met with the members of bicycle riding club "Two Wheels."



The time we endure together stepping the pedals


The members of Two Wheels get on their bike and refresh themselves with the cool breeze when they feel frustrated while working on the projects in the lab all day long. "While I am keeping stepping on the pedals without any destination, watching the natural scenery flow, it gets sweaty on my back even in the cold winter. Only then I feel my body refreshed and my spirit cleared up." Chong-min Lee, the president of the club said they often ride together to get back their energy when they feel exhausted with their study and research.


The bicycle club Two Wheels which was founded in 2014 is now being run by about ten students. Maybe owing to the sweaty time they spent together, the small number of club members have strong relationship. "Everyone has time to get tired of experiments and papers. I think we are closer because we used to spend the tough times together. Colleagues with similar concerns gathered and ran a bicycle together to overcome the slump. "





Precious memories with bicycle riding


Two Wheels club has regular gathering once a month. They go riding to places that are relatively easy to access, such as Daecheong Dam, Sejong City Lake Park, and Bburi Park. Among them, the members chose Daecheong Dam as the best riding spot. "The bike riding consumes a lot of physical strength, so we get hungry soon. The snack at the Daecheong Dam convenience store is really delicious," said Eui-su Lim, and Dae-young Kim agreed, "When I joined the club, my first regular riding was to Daecheong Dam. The taste of the sugar filled pancake I ate at the dam was still vivid. Daecheong Dam is famous for its glutinous rice pancake, so if you get a chance to go there, try it!"


Sometimes they set out on a long way. They once rode all the way along the Geumgang and the Bukhangang riverside road and participated in the triathlon competition, said proudly the president. "In October 2014, the club arranged Bukhangang riverside bicycle riding event. The event provided riding and camping at the same time, so many people participated, which made it more meaningful." All of them agreed the beautiful scenery that had spread out in front of them when they rode along with the road from Hangang River to Chuncheon still lingers on in their mind.





Heart comes first than ability, friendship than bike.


"We are not skilled riders' society, but just a school club! We do not ask for the skill to ride a long riding course. It is the goal of Two Wheels to relax the stress that comes from everyday life and build friendship together." As their goal is to have a healthy body and mind and to enjoy a lively campus life, it is tabooed to strain for a long ride and hurt themselves. This is why they consider "checking and cleaning the bike" as important as riding. "Only when it's safe, you can enjoy riding. It is essential that you regularly clean your bike and prepare the necessary supplies in advance. "


The future plans of "Two Wheels" are not that ambitious. "A big plan like participation in competition is good, but it is most important that we keep well the original purpose of our club." They share their troubles and enjoy happy moments all together. The true meaning of the Two Wheels is perhaps not in the bicycle riding itself but in the companionship.

Even today, the club's two-wheeled bicycle does not stop running. We hope they will arrive at their destination all together, not alone.