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Special Idea, Reborn as a Patent!

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  • Registration Date : 2013-01-21
Special Idea, Reborn as a Patent!의 대표사진
Hidden weapon, 'Convergence'
UST students won the Excellent Prize at the 2011 Campus Patent Strategy Universiade awarded by the Hyundai-Kia Motors. The Universiade is a competition where students are to solve problems given by private companies. The goal of the competition is to nurture professionals needed on site and supply creative ideas for private companies.
Our proud winners are Kim Yong-eun(UST-KIER), Jeong Jae-chan(UST-ETRI) and Lim Gi-hoon(UST-KIMM). More than 1,940 students from 82 universities participated in the competition, with a competition rate of about 11:1.
Their strategy of winning trophy was, "Separately, but together." They are from the same university and members of UST P.I.E(Presentation In English) club. Since they already knew each other, close team-work was their stronggest point. Kim Yong-eun, the team leader said, "As the motto of UST is the convergence of technologies, it was a great chance for us to induce something new from what we had known about. Despite their busy daily schedules, my teammates accepted my suggestion to join the Universiade and played huge roles. I am truthfully grateful to them as well as to our supervising professors Dr. Park Byung-sik and Dr. Shin Ho-chul for their valuable advice and opinions."
Today's Challenge, Tomorrow's Glory
With the given question of the Hyundai-Kia Motors, the team of UST suggested idea, "Controlling pre-driving battery temperature using drivers' driving schedule of electric cars."
“The core of our idea is to control battery temperature before driving using drivers' driving schedule and smart phones, PC and other terminals. If you set the device to control battery temperature automatically, driver's driving schedule and patterns are analyzed and driving time is predicted. If you set it at manual mode, you can control driving time. Battery temperature will be optimized for your driving. By doing so, you can improve battery performance and mileage efficiency."
With a precise and well-planned schedule, Kim Yong-eun successfully managed the team. His ideas, somewhat bold and whimsical, contributed to the team's achievements significantly. Jeong Jae-chan majoring in Computer Software Engineering maximized data analysis with his remarkable programming and software ability. Lim Gi-hoon, the youngest among the trio, d risks into chances with his fresh and creative ideas.
However, the preparation wasn't so easy as it sounds. Jeong Jae-chan said, "Due to the unique system of UST, I couldn't share my time for the preparation. I had to work and research during daytime, all I had was the evening." During such a hard time, what refreshed him was the new challenge itself. "While analyzing 1,400 cases of patents with my teammates, we had many difficulties including lack of time. But when we ed to see patent data that we used to think as meaningful, everything d like a magic. It became a true joy itself."
Realizing the importance of patents
The strongest weapon of this team is to compliment each other a little too much, to respect each other's ideas, and to cheer one another even for small ideas. Such small considerations created a greater synergy effect into boosting up creativity, and led to better ideas. Especially when at the first round they were selected to do the presentation, they promised themselves to do their best for better results.
“We were to present for 15 minutes and then had 10 minute Q&A, I think we had rehearsals more than 30 times. Because we had to the presentation in 15 minutes no matter what happens, we had to make everything sure for time managing. A thorough preparation and rehearsals made our presentation flawless. All the questions we had were properly answered, of course." Lim Gi-hoon, the presenter, was later known as the presenter of charisma.
Kim Yong-woo said, "This Universiade is a precious chance for UST students to see patents from different angles and let people know of UST. If other UST students apply for the Universiade in the future, I am more than willing to help them by organizing clubs or other ways."
Learning and Realizing
The preparation was a continuum of learning. The first thing they learned is time management. Since they had to carry on their research and study while preparing for the competition, all they had was evenings and late nights. They planned what they need to in a day and tried to manage time more efficiently.
The second lesson is the ability to utilize softwares. In addition to the Microsoft Excel, a basic data analysis tool, they maximized time efficiency by utilizing many softwares such as Thinklear, Dropbox-smart phone clouding program, and Mindmap-file sharing application for team workers.
The third one is the ability to solve problems. Everytime they analyzed patents, they had to face inventors' abstruse theories. While analyzing and getting the core idea of such difficult patents, they could improve their problem solving ability.
The last but not least is the importance of patents. They found that a company's patents reflect the company's strategy and direction of its development. They could earn a new vision penetrating the core of patents and now it remains deeply in their heart as valuable assets in this knowledge based society.