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[Vol.20] The 13th UST Foundation Anniversary Event

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[Vol.20] The 13th UST Foundation Anniversary Event의 대표사진

This year is the 13th anniversary of UST foundation. UST Foundation Commemoration event was held on October 21 at the Yellow Clay Road of the Gyejoksan Mountain with the attendance of employees including President Kil-Choo Moon. The event started with Yellow Clay Road climbing and the subsequent 2016 commendation for the outperforming staff members and the award ceremony for the winner of the holiday essay contest, which was followed by lunch and recreation. Marking the 13th anniversary of the university, the event served as an occasion where the employees gathered together and pursued unity.


[Holiday Essay Contest Winner] 

Jeju, A Trip to Find You (Eunjin Lee/Industry-Academia Cooperation Team)

The Jeju sea in June was very beautiful. The sweet waves. The whispering wind. The coastal road with the view of rough basalt rocks. We rode bikes stomping the pedal along the road. The warm sunshine enveloped us. We all were 29. We chose Jeju as our travel destination to mark the last summer of our twenties.


Ssong, one of my friend who went to the same elementary, middle, and high school with me, Claude, who came here from half way around the world, and I, who like to go here and there, set out on a four night, five day trip to Jeju. Because of the sense of emancipation from the everyday life and the presence of the two people that I love, I could not lower the endorphin that kept soaring throughout the trip.



We climbed Halla Mountain on the first day of the trip. From Yeongsil Course to Nambyeok Observatory Point, we walked and walked with the summer sunshine at our back. Befitting the reputation as the highest mountain in South Korea, Halla presented different landscapes depending on the altitude. I felt as if I was taking a stroll in a well-adorned garden because of the low shrubs that spread along with the ridges reaching to the high peaks and the beautiful pink flowers. The scorching sun without any tree shades on the path left a dark tan at the back of our necks. In the evening when we came back to the accommodation, we had to put on an ointment, which also remained a joyful memory.






On the second day in Jeju, we went to Udo Island, which looks like a lying cow. By the time we arrived there in a boat from Seongsan Harbor, we met a heavy rain. Because of the whimsical weather of Jeju, we stayed at the accommodation and chatted about this and that. We shared our current concerns and future plans as well as what we have and don't have in common. I was surprised that my 20-year old friend, who I thought I knew everything about, alluded to thoughts that I had not known before, and that Claude's way of understanding the world is so novel that the concept of globalization, the feature of modern society, seemed overshadowed by it. I has been always with Ssong, but as we grew older and became unable to share many parts of our lives as much as we had done before, Ssong was becoming a wholly new person. Claude described Luxembourg as a country that has only one-third of Daejoen population and where people enjoy happiness and freedom. It was different from the country that I had known. Like that, we went on another trip to the little world of each other in the rainy island of Udo.


When the rain stopped and the sunshine passed through the clouds, we started riding. Facing the fresh winds, we rolled the pedal and ran to anywhere we could reach along the stone walls that were roughly piled up. We continued to work the pedals until we got exhausted. It was a night where the cool aura drifted. Each wave of the winds stroked our cheeks as if it were cooling down them.


It occurred to me that perhaps the trip was rather to find the real each other. It showed us what we had not known about each other and made us closer. These days, cold wind sweeps over my ears, and my heart becomes bleak, feeling the autumn just around the corner. I recall the trip. The last summer of our 20s comes back to my mind when I close my eyes.