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[Vol.20] GPTW Selected UST as One of the Best Companies to Work for in Korea

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[Vol.20] GPTW Selected UST as One of the Best Companies to Work for in Korea의 대표사진

UST was selected as one of the "100 Best Companies to work for" in Korea. This award, which was held at the 15th GPTW Management Conference 2016, attracted more attention as UST was honored with the award for the first time as a domestic educational institution.



UST's work environment recognized by the global standard

On December 15, the award ceremony for "100 Best Companies to work for" was held at the Convention Center of Grand Hilton Hotel. The program, organized by the Great Place To Work (GPTW) Institute, involves an evaluation system that selects companies that are building a good corporate culture by practicing trust management.

UST was the first domestic educational institution that joined the rank of GPTW awardees in Korea and won the prize in the public sector. The honor is said to be the result of operation of various programs based on the management philosophy of the President Kil-Choo Moon that the quality of education service starts from the satisfaction of the staffs.





The result of various efforts that raised the satisfaction of the staff


Currently, UST operates a "flexible working hour system," in which employees can come to work anytime they want from 7:00 to 10:00 am. In addition, up to one year of parental leave and up to 90 days of maternity leave are given to employees to realize work-family balance. Correspondingly, the satisfaction rate of UST staff members rose by 13.4 points to 71.5 points in 2015. In addition, the turnover rate of new UST employees in the period during 2013 to 2016 was 3.3%, which was about one eighth of 27.7% of total entry level employees with bachelor's degree in 2016, which was surveyed by Korea Employers' Federation.

Byeong-yun Song, who won the award on behalf of UST as the Head of School Administration, said, "I believe we owe to the school staff for the honor. I will do my best to create a good working environment taking today's award as a stepping stone."