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[Vol.20] UST · Daejeon Metropolitan City · EBS Smart Science Quizshow < Go and Go>

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[Vol.20] UST · Daejeon Metropolitan City · EBS Smart Science Quizshow < Go and Go>의 대표사진

On October 21, the Smart Science Quiz Show was held at the Citizen Square in Daejeon Expo Park. The program is a science quiz contest organized by UST, the only national research institute university in Korea, with EBS, the only public educational broadcasting channel in the nation, and Daejeon city, the representative science city, to promote Korean science culture.


Six questions including those for ▲ science in life ▲ science in crisis ▲ science in magic ▲ science in play ▲ science in movement ▲ science in the human body were given. UST Professor Hye-jin Kim gave explanation about each of the answer. The celebrity panel score was confirmed, and the final winner score was announced for award ceremony. The prize money of KRW 10 million was awarded to the final winner, the KRW 3 million to the winner of the second place, and the KRW 1 million was given to the third and fourth place respectively.


About 400 people participated in the show, which was broadcast live on EBS 1TV and contributed to the promotion of UST by utilizing smartphone application to encourage the participation of all people.