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The 15th anniversary of UST, rising toward continued growth

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The 15th anniversary of UST, rising toward continued growth의 대표사진

The 15th anniversary ceremony

The 15th anniversary of UST, rising toward continued growth

Since its inception in 2003, UST has educated numerous talented students and advanced towards the world. On October 19, 2018, a 15th anniversary ceremony was held in the mail office of UST. The first event was a Global Food Festival where students could try food from various countries cooked by overseas alumni.

Let’s go to the Global Food Festival!

People from Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Ukraine, Belarus, and Vietnam were busy cooking curry, doro wat, chicken, tandoori chicken, and rice noodles in each booth. The food was sold out in most of the booths in an hour.

Which food was the best for the students? The winner of the Global Food Festival was Vietnam, followed by India and Indonesia. Regardless of the ranking, it is more important that all students were able to share and enjoy such variety of food.

  • UST 15주년, 더 넓은 세계로의 도약을 위해의 사진3
    Ashenafi Hailu (KRICT campus, Ethiopia)

    I am happy that Ethiopian food is on display in this Global Food Festival.
    I hope UST will grow as the best university in the world!

  • Komal Sarda (KISTI campus, India)

    I am satisfied with UST, as it provides a variety of support for foreign students.
    UST, congratulation on the 15th anniversary!”

UST has been a front-runner of future values since 2003!

Prior to the ceremony there was a special performance to celebrate the 15th anniversary of UST’s foundation by the UST band On-site Research.

UST has been a front-runner of future values since 2003!

Gap-dong Park, the director of the Office of External Relations, presented a business report titled “Very Special Collaboration.” The report said that it is significant that various programs reflecting the core values of UST ? creativity, challenge, and convergence ? were established. After the report, appreciation plaques were presented to long-serving faculty members, outstanding faculty members, collaborating institutions, and executives of the inaugural alumni association in recognition of their meritorious service for UST, followed by an address by President Dr. Kil-Choo Moon.

UST has been able to generate good outcomes thanks to active support from various government-funded institutions. However, we should not be complacent. Please bear this in mind always: ‘I will be the first to make changes,’

UST VISION 2033, towards the wide world

Next, the UST 2033 vision was declared. UST will achieve the following three innovative goals with a focus on “inner growth” and “differentiation.”

three innovative goals First, nurture future talents in creative and convergent technology with educational innovation
Second, build ecosystems in science and technology through industry-university-research institute collaboration
Third, recruit talents with global innovation and science diplomacy

“It’s a beautiful night” for alumni

After the major events ended, the overseas alumni gathered in a conference room. As honorary ambassadors, they have made significant contributions to promoting UST overseas. An “honorary overseas ambassadors performance presentation” was held to share various promotional activities.

Dr. Chairul Hudaya (Indonesia), Dr. Le Ngoc Thuc (Vietnam), Dr. Ke Qingbo (China), Ms. Mary Ness Ildefonzo Salazr (Philippines), MA. Angela Lourdes Bada Lequiron (Philippines), Mr. Tadesse Gergiso Gebrie (Ethiopia), and Mr. Hennadige Ramesh Pandula Soysa (Sri Lanka) were in attendance.

The presentation was followed by “Alumni Night” to remember alumni who have made remarkable contributions to UST. Let’s listen to what they have to say about attending the 15th foundation anniversary ceremony.

  • Alumni of the Philippines and Ethiopia

    "I have flown over 10 hours to celebrate the 15th anniversary of UST’s foundation.
    I am a bit tired, but I am extremely pleased to be invited to this alumni event.
    I am glad I could see UST continue to grow!”

  • Alumnus of Indonesia

    There was earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia.
    Though I was busy personally, I decided to attend it as it is to celebrate the 15th anniversary of my alma mater.