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UST, Recently Opened Specialized Master’s Program for Foreigners

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  • Registration Date : 2019-03-13
UST, Recently Opened Specialized Master’s Program for Foreigners의 대표사진

UST, Recently Opened Specialized Master’s Program for Foreigners


- Developed customized curriculum to meet the demands of foreign governments and international organizations

- March 15-28, KIOST School of UST recruits newcomers for the Ocean Science: London Protocol Engineering Master of Project Administration.


University of Science and Technology (“UST”), led by President Kil-Choo Moon, has established a specialized master’s program for foreigners which will begin operating from the fall semester 2019.


This master’s degree program for foreigners has been developed by UST specifically to improve the professional skills of foreign civil servants, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the fields of science and technology. As the only NRIs(National Research Institutes)-based graduate university in South Korea, UST has established this program to fulfill its roles and responsibilities and to attract global talent in connection with internationalization strategies such as the government’s New Southern Policies.


In order for a specialized master’s program for foreigners to be established in UST, the program has to meet one of the following requirements: The South Korean government had to conclude an agreement on human resource development with a partner country A request for such a program had to be made by the South Korean government or an international organization An agreement had to be made between a government-funded research institute and a partner country to train professionals. In February, UST headquarters published a call for proposals to establish a specialized master's program for foreigners to each UST school and approved the Korea Institute of Ocean Science Technology(KIOST) School’s plan to offer a degree program in the Ocean Science: London Protocol Engineering Master of Project Administration.


The London Convention and the London Protocol are international treaties passed in 1975 and 2006, respectively, aimed at combating marine pollution caused by marine dumping. South Korea joined the London Convention and the London Protocol in 1993 and 2009, respectively.It is expected that UST’s specialized master’s program for foreigners will not only contribute to the preservation of the international marine environment by enhancing education about and technical cooperation in support of compliance with the London Protocol, but also enhance South Korea's international status.


Recruitment of this program’s first cohort admitted in the fall semester 2019 will be conducted from Friday, March 15 to Thursday, March 28. Students who enroll in this program will receive a customized curriculum that reflects their countries’ conditions, necessary laboratory equipment for their degrees, and dedicated administrative support.


President of UST Kil-Choo Moon said, "Our graduates of this specialized master’s program will become drivers of scientific and technological development in their home countries." He further stated, "I have high hopes that, as global leaders, they will help erect bridges to strengthen friendship with and goodwill towards South Korea.”


UST, the only NRIs-based graduate university in South Korea, is an educational institute within the Republic of Korea Ministry of Science and ICT which educates students in science and technology based on 32 government-funded research institutes, including the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) by supplementing them with graduate school functions. As of March 2019, a total of 2,236 graduate students, including 707 doctoral students and 1,529 master’s students, have graduated from UST since its first graduating class in 2006. Of these, 620 were foreigners, accounting for 28% of all graduates.