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UST Starts the Link U Program, a Job Matching Program between Foreign Students and Korean Companies Operating Overseas

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  • Registration Date : 2019-09-19
UST Starts the Link U Program, a Job Matching Program between Foreign Students and Korean Companies Operating Overseas의 대표사진

UST Starts the Link U Program, a Job Matching Program between Foreign Students and

Korean Companies Operating Overseas

- Held an agreement-signing ceremony together with five companies, including Osstem Implant and Vinatech,

at UST headquarters on Tuesday, September 17.


 The University of Science and Technology (President Moon Kil-Choo, hereafter “UST”) will initiate its Link U program in September 2019. Link U is a program that matches foreign students with companies that supports the recruiting and fostering of foreign UST students by linking them with Korean companies in need of an R&D workforce that have already or plan to enter overseas markets.

 UST, as a national research institutes-based graduate university, came up with this plan to help address the continued shortage of R&D workforce at SMEs, to actively support the government’s New Southern Policy, and to help develop SMEs’ overseas business. Link U is a training model in which UST and companies jointly foster an R&D workforce composed of foreign UST students who can speak Korean and know local cultures around the world. As of September 2019, a total of five companies, including Osstem Implant, Castec Korea, Vinatech, Enzychem Lifesciences, and PDXen are participating in Link U.

 UST plans to determine the recruiting areas for each company participating in Link U and will select students by November of this year. Foreign students chosen for the program will participate in a short-term internship and mentoring program provided by the companies and receive tailored training, such as the business Korean classes, throughout their degree programs. After graduation, the students will be recruited and officially employed by the companies.

 UST held the Link U agreement signing ceremony at the UST headquarters at 2 PM on Tuesday, September 17. Around 30 people took part in the ceremony, including UST President Moon Kil-Choo, the campus professor representatives of the UST, Director Park Jeong-su of Osstem Implant, Director Hong Seong-hwan of Vinatech, Managing Director Yun Ho-seong of Castec Korea, Vice President Kim Hye-gyeong of Enzychem Lifesciences, and CEO Ahn Kwang-sung of PDXen. The participants agreed to cooperate over recruiting and fostering talented foreign UST students and employing them through Link U.

 President Moon said, “Foreign UST students are comprised of a wide variety of nationalities from 40 countries, including Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, and India, and account for nearly 32% of all students.” He also added, “UST will actively seek out and find foreign students hoping to work at Korean companies and in turn contribute to the development of Korean industries.”