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Free e-Learning Courses in August, 2016

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(Champ Study) 공인영어시험대비 강좌 목록(List of the courses)_신토익 추가.pdf (탑그레이드) 이공계 제공 과정.pdf
EST(Education Support Team)@UST offers FREE on-line basic science courses and preparatory courses for Official English Tests.

1. Eligibility: UST enrollments & student who completes a course

2. How to apply: by ing the banner from the pop-up zone of the UST CTL website( or these links
- English:
- Basic Science :

3. Medium Language: KOREAN

4. Application Deadline: July 31

5. List of the courses: See attached file
- add New TOEIC(2016) : 18 courses(see the attached file)

6. How to sign in: Type in your student ID both for ID and initial Password

7. If you sign up for a class you can review that class for a year, so you don"t have to sign up for the same class again this month.

8. How to sign in
- spring newcomers(2014) and graduates: ID-Student ID, PW: BOD-19YYMMDD
- fall newcommers(2014): ID- student ID / PD-PW-first part of email adress of each(before @) +ust123 (ex> -> qweust123)
- spring & fall newcomers(since 2015): ID : student ID / PW : e-mail address to three digits(before @) + ust123 (ex> -> qweust123)
- except above mentioned: ID & PW: Student ID

9. Contacts
- Education Support Team: 042-865-2403

- Service Providers" Customer Service Representative
* Champ Study(English): 02-537-0707
* Topgrade(New Basic Science): 02-529-8100

You are NOT allowed to share your ID with others.