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Notice of Application for 2016 Early Journal Club

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  • Registration Date : 2016-01-30

Dear students,

UST students who are interested in application for 2016 early journal club,

Please refer to the followong information and attached file.




- Understanding on the latest research trends and exchange of knowledge and information through domestic and international journal subion

- Improvement to UST students’ research achievement and their research manners

- Enhancement of inter-campus cooperation network



- Term: 2016.02.01. ~ 06.30.

- Period for application: By 2016.02.15.(Mon.)

- Operation Conditions

  The organized Journal Club shall hold a study group meeting at least one time per month under the leadership of the Representative Student.

  The Journal Club shall hold an academic PT meeting with attendance of an academic advisor more than one time while it is being operated.

  As a representative student should be appointed the student who is in same campus as professor in charge’s campus.



- How to apply: required documents in an official letter under responsibilities of professor in charge of Journal Club.

Support Budget is allocated and exeed in concerned campus.

- Required documents: Application of Approval of Journal Club Registration, List of Journal Club Member Students, Content to Nomination as an Academic Advisor of Journal Club


For further information

- The person in charge of Journal Club(042-865-2402/