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FREE on-line Korean Language Course for UST students

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  • Registration Date : 2016-09-05
‘TOPIK Ⅰ with UST, Basic Korean’ manual.pdf

EST@UST (EST: Education Support Team) provides FREE Korean language courses to UST students.


The course title is “UST와 함께하는 TOPIK 한국어 기초” or “TOPIK with UST, Basic Korean” in English.


This course is consist of 3 different levels. The course was designed to help foreign students study Korean language by oneself and if you finish all the lectures of the course you are able to pass TOPIK (Level 1 ~ Level 2) with no difficulties.

Students can take this course from the LMS(Learning Management System: e-campus) and the OCW site of CTL( for free of charge.


If you refer to the attached manual you can find out how to take the course.


We hope this course will lighten the burden of the foreign students who need to study Korean language alone and study in the remote campus from the main office of UST.



1. Course provided: TOPIK with UST, Basic Korean 1, 2, Question (3 levels. equivalent to TOPIK )

2. Service period: September 2016 ~

3. Eligibility: UST students

4. how to access : by clicking the LMS button of the UST portal system or follow the link



5. how to take: Please refer to the attached file.