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Global MOOC apply and Expense Reimbursement (spring semetser 2017)

  • Academic Affairs Team
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  • Registration Date : 2017-03-08
Expense Reimbursement for MOOC(Student,Eng).pdf

We would like to inform you that UST will reimburse expenses on taking MOOC courses for academic purpose and we are sure

that this program will help your study and research.

1. Eligibility
  - Enrolment for Spring 2017

2. Support
  - reimbursement of expenses on taking MOOC course(s) and issuing certificate(s)

3. Procedure
  - Apply for global MOOC courses: March 7th ~ July 21th, 2017
  - You should apply through the portal system. (
  - Reimbursement: Rolling application, open until August 18th, 2017
  - Required document (Reimbursement): Certificate, receipt (KRW) or a copy of bankbook with transaction information etc.

4. MOOC Designated
- Coursera( Signature Track
- edX( Verified Course
- Udacity( Nano Degree
- Future Learn( Courses for Statement of Attainment

※ For more information, please check the attached file.
※ For further information: