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Lecture Consulting

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Lecture Consulting



  • Improvements of lecture/ communication effectiveness through analysis of video recorded lecture
  • Acquisition of effective lecture/ communication skills and teaching strategy
  • Productive praise and constructive criticism regarding lecture/ communication effectiveness


UST faculty(Professional consulting utilizing recorded lectures of e-Learning or previous recorded lectures is available.)

Period of Operation

Rolling(open for a year round)

Contact Information

Responsible staff for lecture consulting (042-865-2402/


  1. Application for Lecture Consulting
    • Type1 : Lecture Recording
    • Type2 : Lecture Recording & Professional Consulting
  2. Arrange Lecture Consulting Meeting
  3. Lecture Recording
    • 40 minutes of recording on the date that the professor requested
    • A filming expert will record the lecture and make a VCD
  4. Professional Consulting(Optional)
    • Analysis : 1~2weeks after the filming
    • Hours : one session (60min) per professor
    • Location : Professor’s office or UST Office of Education Support Team
    • Consulting Areas : Lecture structure, questioning techniques, general advice on teaching methods
  5. Result & Feedback
    • provide the recorded lecture on a VCD and feedback from professionals
    • More resources about teaching methods are available for faculty to improve teaching competencies