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Peer tutoring service provides qualified learning assistance to currently enrolled students, promoting active learning environments and higher academic achievements


  • When students submit an application to participate in the program, the Student Support Team connects tutors and tutees, and provide various resources for a successful tutoring. (A small group of tutee may find a tutor and file an application form to the Center.)
  • The Education Support Team provides study rooms and financial allowances to promote active learning and knowledge sharing between tutors and tutees.
  • A tutor works with a group of 2~4 tutees
  • Appointment-based tutoring is available on a weekly recurring basis

Contacts Information

Responsible staff for academic support

Benefits of Peer Tutoring


Tutors will be able to improve leadership skills and academic self-confidence through the teaching experiences.


Tutors will be able to develop efficient learning methods and materials and information collection methods, as well as able to improve metacognitive strategies.