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Automatic Recording System

Automatic Recording System(Nueva - 100/200) View product description

Nueva - 100 (For faculty and student)

Automatically tracks and video records lecturers movements. In addition, students response can be also recorded.

Nueva 100 schematics

  1. lecturer
    USB 2.0 Cable
    Micro Splin to USB 2.0 Cable(Audio)
    USB 2.0 Cable
  2. Recorder integrated laptop + 소프트웨어 리모콘, Nueva 소프트웨어 사진
Nueva - 200 (lecturer + student + lecture note)
Nueva - 200 (lecturer + student + teaching plan)

Automatically tracks and video records lecturers movements. In addition , students response and teaching plan stored in professor’s PC can be also recorded.

Swivi i-phone/i-pad min applications View product description

I-pad mini + Swivl (lecturer)
I-pad mini + Swivl (lecturer)

Automatically tracks and video records lecturers movements.

Swivl (lecturer)
Swivl (lecturer)

If professor use personal I-phone or I-pad, may simply connect it with Swivl to automatically tracks and video records your movements

Software View product description

Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio

If you would like to use it, please request serial number from the Education Support Team prior to the software installation

Camtasia Studio Download

screen recording
with Camtasia Studio screen recording function, video recording of entire screen, webcam, PPT presentation can be recorded.
animation function
Animated caption can be added to recorded video to display explanation, which can gather attention of students.
High quality video production
with powerful and useful Camtasia Studio editing function, video files and recorded screen can be edited.
adding audio
additional narrations,background music can be added to video recording.
share and communication
Created video recording can be played on various platforms, such as laptop, smartphone and tablet PC.


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