UST Educational Characteristics

Unlike passive one-way knowledge transmission, the goal of UST is to cultivate creative talents through on-site education programs thatdevelop self-directed learning. UST welcomes students who are willing to exercise their full potential in line with our philosophy.

Multidisciplinary Curriculum-Focused Education

UST offersmultidisciplinary majors that enable students to experience on-site research in various fields through lab rotation.

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On-site Education

  • UST promotes on-site education that minimizes instructor-led trainings, instead allowing students to take courses through participating in on-site research.
  • UST implements the Lab Rotation system, which lets student participate in projects that other research institutes or private enterprises are performing; students also work in laboratories in order to experience on-site research in various fields.
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Fostering Leadership

  • Students, as leaders of future research, must complete a liberal arts curriculum to accumulate knowledge and gain an understanding of the society at large.
  • UST has implemented the Lab Rotation system, which lets students participate in tasks that other research institutes or private enterprises are performing, students also work in laboratories, in order to experience research sites in various fields.
  • Courses opened: Management of Technology, Economics of Technology , Technology Policy, Research Planning and Management, Business Venturing, Technical Communication, Technical Writing, etc.

Customized Education

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Customized Education *Current University Education: Individual Technology Education (lead by one professor) - A technology (Professor A) - B technology (Professor B) - C technology (Professor C) - One professor leading many students *UST Education - Multidisciplinary Technology Fields (A+B+C) - Multiple contents in a research group - On-site research where professors lead students - Application technology education (with cutting-edge technology facilities/human resources) *Convergence of rapidly changing technologies *Customized education *Re-education *Current university education - International human resources recruitment, Exchange program with international universities - Immediate entry of human resources into industrial settings, enhancement of industrial competitiveness (investment for re-education not needed).

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