Counseling Outline

A counselee is a person who asked for counseling.

Counseling Type

  • Counseling will be performed through conversations between the counselor and the counselee.
  • Counseling is an approach meant to solve the problem (symptom) of the counselee.
  • Counseling is usually short term. Since counseling is focused on behavior correction, most methods are directive.

The contents of counseling are as follows

Depression, anxiety, anger control, fear, sense of guilt/shame, self-understanding(psychological diagnosis), sorrow for loss(breakups, separation by death), career, low self-esteem, compulsion, sleeping disorder, appetite problem, relationship problems (peer, family, superiority, love-related problem life), addiction problems, character disorders, study slumps, attachment disorder, gender identity disorder, excessive worries, doubts about life, etc.

Who is a counselor?

A person who provides counseling and an expert who gives help with the counselee’s symptoms(such as depression, anxiety, anger control, phobia, shame/guilt, addiction, career, relationships, etc.). The counselor has a therapeutic relationship with the counselee and shares the client’s suffering for the positive change and growth of the counselee.

Counseling Time (About 50 minutes)

  • In order to receive counseling, the counselee must contact the counselor and book the first appointment.
  • After the first appointment, the counselee should discuss next appointment with the counselor each time.
  • If the counselee wishes to change or cancel the appointment, the counselee should discuss the time change (at least 24 hours in advance) with the counselor in order to avoid inconveniencing other counselees.

Counselee’s Confidentiality

Without consent, no detailed counseling information can be released about the counselee (including the immediate family). All conversations in the counseling office are confidential.

Counseling Procedure

  1. Student
  2. psychlolgy Consultation Institution
    (Apply over the phone, E-mail)
  • For students’ convenience, they can directly make an appointment with counseling institution agencies without administrative procedures of UST.
  • Cost support varies from time to time.
Times별 대학본부 비용지원
대학본부 비용지원을 Times별로 나누어 알려줍니다.
Times 1 ~ 5 6 ~ 10 11 ~ 15 16 ~ 20
Supporting Cost UST full support UST Partial Support
Student payment 30,000KRW Student payment 50,000KRW

For 30 minutes of consultation, only 1/2 of the student payment will be charged from the counseling institution.